VJ Loop Server - Initial Terms

Things are gradually getting a bit more organized here, please read all the rules.

1. This server is for users of the AudioVisualizers.com website to share digital video content for live video performance art, and VJ use.

2. There are 3 levels of access: (a) GUESTS , (b) REGISTERED LEVEL 1 USERS & (c) VERIFIED LEVEL 2 USERS

Here is a brief explanation: (more info in the NEWS/FAQ area)


If you login as a guest (login: "guest" , pass: "loops") you will see a very different file set than registered users.
If you do not have at least 500 megs of ORIGINAL content (loops, clips, etc) to share, please continue to login as a guest, and upload / download as you see fit.

(b) LEVEL 1 

Only request a LEVEL 1 account, if you have a minimum of 500 megs of ORIGINAL content to upload. 

To request dedicated server accounts, please contact the SERVER ADMIN:
Until March 28th, please email me (dave) at: loops@DJVJ.com 
From March 28th until June 8th, please contact Morph at: grmuir@hotmail.com

In your email, please state your VJ Name, and the login and password you want. A LEVEL 1 account will be created for you with the following privledges:
-ability to view all the files in the 30+ GB VJ Loop Archive, but not download at all. 
-ability to upload files and folders, move files and folders, rename files and folders, & comment files and folders.
Since a LEVEL 1 account is essentially upload only, if you want to download any files before you become verified for LEVEL 2 access, please login as a guest (but don't upload your content in the guest account, unless it is non-original material)

Once you have uploaded a minimum of 500 megs of ORIGINAL material, please email the server admin (details above) and they will review your uploads, and upgrade your account to LEVEL 2, providing you have met the file conditions, etc.

(c) LEVEL 2

Once you have uploaded a minimum of 500 megs of ORIGINAL material from your LEVEL 1 account, and have emailed the server admin to upgrade your account access status (please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to review your content), you may be upgraded to LEVEL 2 access. This will provide you with:
-ability to view and download all of the files in the 30+ GB VJ Loop Archive.
-ability to upload files and folders, move files and folders, rename files and folders, & comment files and folders.
(please continue to upload material on an approx 1 to 10 ratio (1 upload for every 10 downloads, governed by you) if possible.

If for some reason you wish to access the uploads in the Guest account, you may at any time login with the guest account info (guest/loops), although, please don't upload with this account, unless it is non-original material.


1. All users should create directories in the UPLOADS folder, with the folder name being their VJ name. In that new directory, there should be:
a) an ascii .txt file with your VJ contact info - as much, or as little as you want, but at minimum, a valid email address.
b) You should create two folders: one for content you have created or heavily modified yourself (loops, clips & full length mixes), and another folder for content that has come from other sources.

2. Content can be in .mov .avi .mpg .swf or other widely used formats, and MUST HAVE a minimum resolution of 320 x 240. 

2a. If possible, we love uploads of 720 x 480 (Full NTSC) & 720 x 576 (Full PAL) content. -However this does not mean that you can go and shoot 2 minutes of DV footage on your camera, and upload the raw mini-DV footage of something boring. Please use common sense, consider if the footage will be of use to other VJ's.

3. You can use any codec, but it is preferred that you use a cross platform (mac/pc) codec, so everybody will be able to utilize the files. - Also, don't heavily compress things - it's a true shame to have a great clip, with heavy compression.

4. If you break the following rules, you may be deleted with or without warning:

-No Rips of commercial material (no DVDs, no videotapes, NO MUSIC VIDEOS)
-Don't MOVE or RENAME files or folders that are not yours
-Don't upload into any directory other than your own, and only create directories for yourself in the uploads directory.
-No Watermarked Content (it's almost useless to others for performance purposes)

Pay Access Terms:
-The $10 a month fee just helps me offset and subsidize the costs of running the server, and since there is limited bandwidth available, please order CDR's or DVDR's by mail if you expect to download a great deal.  I do not guarantee a minimum transfer rate - the download rates you will get depend on many factors, and can range from 5K per second to 50K per second.  -more info to come soon...

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