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    You will likely never again see such a listing of wonderful videos for sale - This collection has taken me 10 years to build.  All tapes are in great condition, and the original boxes have been cut and placed into hard plastic clamshell cases, which display well and keep the dust out.  Please note: Don't ask me to sell you dubbed copies - I won't do this.  I only have original videos for sale, once I sell the video, it is gone for good.  Why am I doing this?  Well, trust me I love my video collection!  But I have transitioned to purely digital content, and I don't really sample from tapes anymore, preferring instead to create original content and trade material with others via CDR & DVD.  I could keep all my tapes, but they are so ingrained in my memory, I don't really watch them anymore.  And while they are great to lend to friends - I've found out that even good friends have a habit of forgetting they borrowed something from you, and then you eventually forget.  If you're really lucky, you'll be surprised when you see it on their shelf when you visit, lest you never get it back.  Anyway, I haven't priced tapes, and not all tapes are for sale.  So browse through the listings, and jot down the titles you are interested in, and then email me, and I'll get back to you on costs & availability.  Prices average about $10 USD per tape, and some are a bit more.  However, I'll offer discounts when you order 3 or more.  Tapes will be sent insured airmail, you pay postage.  First come, first serve - I'm sure stuff will disappear fast! .Oh, tapes are primarily VHS NTSC.  I could dub you a PAL or SECAM copy for extra $, but you will also get the original NTSC tape, as I don't want to get into the video pirating business. 


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