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2001 Releases
(35 discs)

2002 Releases

2003 New Releases

Loop Server Content

AV Mixes


We have compiled the user VJ Loop submissions into the the following CDR & DVDR Series:
The NewDual series - 23 Discs released in 2001.
The AVJ Series - 3 Discs for 2002.
The TMK Series - 8 Discs for 2002.
The HR Series - Full NTSC & PAL (720x480 & 720x576) High Resolution Loops
The SAT Series - 2 for 2002.
The MotionRave Series: 5 DVDRs/35 CDR's for 2003
The Loop Server Content: 5 DVDR's of current user uploads
& The AVCD Full Length Video Mix Section: 15 discs so far for 2003!


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If you prefer to trade material, which we encourage, so as to grow our archive, mail us a CDR of your VJ clips and loops, and we will send 12 of the NewDual user CDR's  free.  Full info is in the Submission Details link below. pricing history / where the $$ goes


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