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ALL of our CD/DVD packages are shipped with a customs value of $20 or less!  This is quite truthful, as value is based upon perception.  You will no doubt be very pleased with your order, and I believe you will find value in it for years on end.  However if your package gets lost in the mail, my out of pocket replacement costs are (aside from my time to prepare the discs and your package), simply the cost of the blank disc media.....so it is only right to state this low value for on your customs slip/commercial invoice, so as not to trouble your wallet with any additional surprise expenses.   (with one exception: we will advise our recommendations for customs paperwork/invoice value when you purchase $1000 or so of laser or video related hardware that would not so easily be replaced if it was ever lost in transit (which hasn't happened yet).  With our suggested shipping strategies, you can expect to pay a maximum of 100 Euros VAT your V4 mixer purchase...but we'll make suggestions, you have the final word on the insured/stated value, etc.

On your next order over $50 within the next 30 days, whether it's right now, or next month, you'll receive twice as many complimentary bonus VJ Mix DVD's for a limited time ....as if we give them all away, then what's the point of trying to sell them! ;)    Thanks again for your support - I know you'll be very happy with your package...as if Santa came at the wrong time of year - you'll constantly be "unwrapping" new visual possibilities for a long time to come.....
& Don't forget - if you create your own content and would like the opportunity to share it with the global VJ community in exchange for content and some extra income, then please write or call me to discuss the possibilities....    -David.


Your package will be shipped within 24 hours via international airmail (approx 7 days until delivery to most parts of the world).
or....a new option: FedEx Courier shipping upgrades:

FedEx ground
- within Canada & USA only!

Delivery ranges from 2 to 7 days based on your distance from us (Toronto, Canada). Usually our standard airmail shipping is just as good - but this way, it streamlines potential customs delays, and gives you a tracking # so you can follow it's transit to you online.   $ 10 extra
FedEx International Overnight Priority
within Canada & USA only! $ 20 extra
FedEx International Priority
2 day service to: UK & almost all of Europe.
  $ 35 more
FedEx International Priority to all other parts of the world: Central/S. America, Asia, Africa, & Australia/Japan, service takes 2 to 4 days and
will cost you
$ 50 more.


The weekend is counted as ONE day, and if extra urgent. and you pay the additional $25 FedEx Saturday delivery fee (decided prior to shipment), then we can provide this option as per your specific request. 
If for some reason we can't ship your package right away, we'll email or call you ASAP to advise you and act on your instructions to the best of our ability.

Assuming we get your order by 2pm Monday to Friday, or as late as 6pm if you call or email to confirm we have stock or enough time to prepare your discs, your order will be shipped via the FedEx service option you chose and paid for above, with your tracking # emailed to you after the package has left our hands.  Since FedEx rates vary depending on your exact location in the world, and the weight/size of the package, the above is an approximation only, and if it costs us less, we will refund you the difference - but if it costs more, we will bill you for it.

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