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VCD's (Video CD's) are recorded in MPEG-1 format (DVD's are MPEG-2), and will play in both mac & pc's, any VCD discman player (like the ones we sell for about $70), or any standard DVD player, anywhere in the world.  You can optionally extract the VCD content for use in your digital video mixing VJ software by going into the MPEGAV folder on the VCD, and copying the ".dat" files to your hard-drive, then renaming them to ".mpg"  
You can learn more about VCD's at VCDHELP.com 

This area is for the release of finished AV mixes and other wild stuff - if you would like to contribute a mix, we'll be happy to send you 12 VCD discs in trade.  Mixes can be submitted on VCD or any other worldwide tape or disc format.
If you would like to submit your videomix or other content for conversion to VCD and to be offered here, please write.
Brief Video Previews now online! - save to your HD, or stream w/a fast connection

Disc # AVCD-001:   "Moir Hypnotica" - A collection of over 40 different spinning moir patterns - black & white hypnotic imagery excellent for luma-keying! - there is no audio on this disc.

61 minutes - $10   -  Code A

DVD Version available below
           Video Preview
5 megs - 30 seconds
save to your HD 

 Disc # AVCD-002:   "SuperNova -12 Videographics" - A wonderful abstract journey of rainbow video synthesis (more on the SN12)
Two parts: 1st is an approx 10 minute videomix with sound, showcasing the real-time abilities of this prototype video synthesizer.
Part 2 contains sequential 2 minute abstract sequences without audio, of many of the different abstract visual output possibilities (great for backgroud layers and keying!)

78 minutes - $10 - Code B

DVD Version available below
         Video Preview
8 megs - 45 seconds
save to your HD 

Disc # AVCD-003:   "MAZ Dancer VMix" - A videomix with ethnic ambient dub music, of a performance: a painted dancer under blacklights.
Part 1 (39 min) - psychedelic, blacklight glowing dancer superimposed over nature imagery, religious, tribal, landscapes, ethnic, time-lapse.
Part 2 (12 min) - dancer overlaid on faster imagery.
Part 3 (23 min) - as above, with trance, dreamy experimental, skyscapes with video feedback, split faces, VR POV zooms, trains, subways, chase scenes.
Part 4 (1 min) - abstract chase scenes w/o music.

74 minutes - $10 - Code C

DVD Version available below.
         Video Preview
8 megs - 45 seconds
save to your HD 

Disc # AVCD-004:   "CMI Texture Wash #1" - Abstract Imagery good for backgrounds (w/o audio)

61 minutes - $10 - Code B

DVD Version available below
         Video Preview
6 megs - 30 seconds
save to your HD 

Disc # AVCD-005:   "LEVLHED-ONE"

Crazy audio/video mix from LEVLHED of "RenderBros" Fame.  Can't really describe this one: all over the place, kaleidomorphic feedback wrapped around pulsating synesthesic rhythms - definitely a good watch, or you can mix with it too!

62 minutes - $10 - Code B

DVD Version available below
Video Preview
8 megs - 45 seconds
save to your HD 

Disc # AVCD-006:   "JJC / Video47 - Metamorph & Bitstream" - Two Artists on 1 disc - Awesome combined work!

A: Video 47: Bitstream & other experiments
Part A1: XVI-Iteration  (17:00) - abstract artificial life patterns ebb & flow to the music.
Part A2: (13:00) - Globular B&W mirrored organic patterns strobe to the beat of custom narrative audio & more - highly recommended!
B: JJC - Metamorphosis & Fragments
Part B1 - Metamorphosis (13:20) : weird tantric imagery w/landscapes & abstract sequences collaged to classical music.
Part B2 - Fragments (15.00) : stop motion animation, crazy clowns merge into whacked out psychodelic array of hard hitting political footage colliding with the artist's memories of parties, dancing, religious celebration and days gone by.  accompanied by music and audio clips.
Part B3 - Washington Square Park (10:00) : featuring street performers in the square and comments from the audience woven into abstract images.

68 min total - Code B
Buy online soon
DVD Version available below.
        Part A Video Preview
8 megs - 40 seconds
save to your HD then watch
Part B Video Preview
11 megs - 60 seconds
save to your HD 

Disc # AVCD-007:   "Turntable Visual Experiences" - 2 Disc Set.

From the Austrian VJ Duo: 4 Your Eye.  This VCD is from a live set by 4 your Eye.
It features awesome dancing footage w/close-ups of DJ's hands mixing & more.
78 min - $10 - Code B

DVD Version available below.
Video Preview Soon

Disc # AVCD-008:   "SpaceDub Vibrations - AlphaCode"

From the Internationally acclaimed VJ - Trio: SpaceDub Vibrations.  We had 200 DVD's that from them that were released for promotional purposes, but they went out the door so fast, we just had to take our last copy and turn it into a VCD.  Get yours now if you haven't yet experienced this psyberdelic video shaman.
78 min - $10 - Code B

DVD Version available below
Video Preview Soon

Disc # AVCD-009:   "Sampleocity #1"

  78 min - $10 - Code C

DVD Version available below
  Video Preview Soon       This visual compilation has: close-ups of DJ's hands on the records: scratching & mixing, original breakdancing, kaleidoscopic visuals, skydiving, POV surfing, mirrored X/Y fractal feedback, old B&W cereal advertisments, psychedelic religious imagery and more! - some of the visuals have audio, some don't.  


Disc # AVCD-010:   "Sampleocity #2"

This compilation has: nightmare lightning, skydive falling, spacewarp tunnels, spinning brainwashing, robot ravers, timetravel gateway flashbacks, future interactive nightclubs, satellite scrambled dreamtime transmissions & more!        Video Preview soon....      60 min - $10 - Code C  

DVD Version available below 

Disc # AVCD-011:   "BrainWash #1"  

    60 min - $10 - Code C     

DVD Version available below
   Video Preview soon....      What can I say about this one except that it will sincerely blow your audiences minds! - contains spliced public domain and altered alien broadcast transmissions cut up in a stream of consciousness visual association style - definitely not for the squeamish!

Disc # AVCD-012:   "HullaBalloo HardCore VMix #1"  

    78 min - $10 - Code C     

DVD Version available below
   Video Preview soon....      This disc contains a synchronized audio and video happy hardcore journey into your visual cortex!  Unbelievable live camera footage of dancers, lasers and party-goers mixed in with a kaleidoscopic frenzy of a visual feast that is not to be missed! 

Disc # AVCD-013:   "DarkRave VMix #1"  

    78 min - $10 - Code C     

DVD Version available soon
   Video Preview soon....      Dark Gothic Trance music with synchronized dark visuals. 

Disc # AVCD-014:   "DarkRave VMix #2"  

     78 min - $10 - Code C     

DVD Version available soon
   Video Preview soon....      Dark Gothic Trance music with synchronized dark visuals. 

Disc # AVCD-015:   "Hair Pin Turn"  

    78 min - $10 - Code B   

DVD Version available soon
   Video Preview soon....      Video Art Extravaganza: 8 Video pieces by world renowned video artist Jimmy Rahn. 

Disc # AVCD-016:   "Communism Hardcore Mix"  

    78 min - $10 - Code B   

DVD Version available soon
   Video Preview soon....      Pounding hardcore from the USSR mixed with associated cold war imagery - this disc is not to be missed - really hard a/v mix. 

MegaVCD Pack #1:
   "15 discs for the price of 8 !"
- Yes, you get all of the discs listed above for only $80!

AVCD DVD #1 - 4 HOURS ! - Contains AVCD's #1, 2, 3 & 4
This disc is a NTSC DVD - will work on region #1 players, or multi-region players.

$ 40

AVCD DVD #2 - 4 HOURS ! - Contains AVCD's #5, 6, 7B & 8
This disc is a NTSC DVD - will work on region #1 players, or multi-region players.

$ 40

AVCD DVD #3 - 4 HOURS ! - Contains AVCD's #9, 10, 11 & 12
This disc is a NTSC DVD - will work on region #1 players, or multi-region players.

$ 40

MegaAVCD-DVD Pack #1
- 12 hours of full length video mixes on 3 DVD's
These discs are NTSC DVD's - They will work on region #1 players, or multi-region players.

$ 80

Newer VJ MIX DVD Releases
AVCD DVD #5   (4 hours) 
     is a collection of art-film collages from students and artists around the world.

Windows Media Video Preview   


AVCD DVD #6   (4 hours) 
Detailed Description to come soon.
$ 20


Laser Arcade Visuals DVD

     6 hours of visuals from 1980's arcade games

Windows Media Video Preview   


Frozen Reality Cityscape Visuals DVD

TimeLapse city-scapes visuals and more

Windows Media Video Preview   
Frozen Reality Peru-TimeLapse-Trip DVD

    South American journey on 16mm, with organic time-lapse visuals
and tribal rhythms.

Windows Media Video Preview

2 DVD Disc Set


Frozen Reality WrestleRave DVD Mix

    Costumed Fighters Battle it out with futuristic weapons while a DJ / VJ plays!

approx 1 Hour - NTSC DVD

Great for Halloween Mixing!

Streaming MPEG Video Preview

$ 20

CM Texture Wash Abstract Layering 3 DVD Set
CM Texture Wash DVD #1

2 Hours of abstract textures

Part 1 of 3
CM Texture Wash DVD #2

2 Hours more of abstract flowing textures and patterns

Part 2 of 3
CM Texture Wash DVD #3

2 Hours in closing of the 3 part abstract visuals series
Great for layering and keying!

Windows Media Video Preview   
3 DVD Disc Set ( 2 hours each disc = 6 hours total )



HullaBallo HappyHardCore DVD

     2 Full-Hours of something lighter, but still hard - happy & fluffy awesome visual mix to DJ Anabolic Frolic

Windows Media Video Preview   


Communism Hardcore A/Vj Mix DVD #1

An awesome 2 Hour DJ/VJ Audio/Visual Hardcore mix for VJ's & Clubs to show alone or as a mix-layer with custom visuals.

   Cold-war imagery cut up with psyberdelic computer
 graphics synchronized to some of the USSR's hottest HardCore DJ's.
$ 20
Communism Hardcore DVD #2

This disc compliments the first DVD and offers
 a behind the scenes look at the in's & out's of running
 the rave production company hosting the HardCore party. 
Interviews with the DJ's, counting cash after the party in the limo,
and other crazy off-limits secrets you have a front-row seat to!

$ 20

Eternal BlissMix DVD

House track and new-age visuals mixed up in fluid visual dreamscape
$ 20

Alchemy Promo A/V 3 DVD Mix Set
These 3 A/V Mix DVD's are offered at a promotional discount from
 AV in-house artist: Alchemy!
Be sure to check out our Alchemy VJ Loops DVD-ROM Series too!

Alchemy 3 DVD Mix Promo Bundle
only $ 20!

Mr.E Memories DVD

2 Hours of VJ Mix elements dubbed from our early visual archives.
$ 15

The Organ Visuals Mix DVD

Extended Details to follow soon.
$ 20

New Moon DVD

This DVD is one of our free bonus DVD's that may be
included with your order as a surprise bonus gift!

Probe DVD

Incredible HardCore A/V Mix DVD
from the world renowned OVT Visuals Crew!

Available Soon.
$ 25

Space Visuals DVD

This DVD is one of our free bonus DVD's that may be
included with your order as a surprise bonus gift!

Neural Transmitter DVD

by Dan Mahoney

Details & Purchasing Available Soon.
$ 20


AVCDVD Nature DVD Mix #1

This disc is a dual format NTSC Mix DVD & DVD-ROM
which contains the digital video files from the videomix.


Samples N&N002 DVD

This DVD is one of our free bonus DVD's that may be
included with your order as a surprise bonus gift!

MotionRave #1/PsyberFlight DVD

    A dual-format disc containing our MotionRave DVDR #1
of VJ Loops (data-format)
PsyberFlight (our first VJ work, on DVD)
$ 30

CBC Poet Mix DVD

This DVD is one of our free bonus DVD's that may be
included with your order as a surprise bonus gift!

Speed Of Spring A/V DJ VJ Double DVD Set

This is a double DVD set of synchronized Audio/Visual DJ/VJ Mixed Sets.

Perfect for either home viewing while chilling with your friends, or put in the DVD player at a party, connect the projector & speakers, and you have a sync'd visuals and awesome DJ'd sound at the hit of the play button.  Great on it's own, or as an underlying mix to your own work.  The electronic music spectrum runs from techno, ragga-house, to jungle and Drum & Bass.

 Each DVD is 2 Hours in duration. - NTSC
$20 for the set of 2 discs.

iBall Promo DVD

Free Promotional DVD highlighting our new L.E.D.-based 3D visual spheres, and wallscreens, a new element in hi-tek display

Free by Request

-DVJ Sampler DVD                 not yet released, but will eventually feature 2 minute previews of all discs we offer
.....Free by request once completed (mid to late April 2004).....

Plus over a dozen other secret surprise A/V DVD Mix Discs, some of which may be included with our compliments to ALL orders so long as we are able to afford it.

-and more in progress - if you would like us to release and distribute one of your VJ Mixes on DVD, it will earn you extra income while we take care of the rest, email for details.

NEW DVD Releases


in association with:

   HardCore WorldWide DVD - volume #1   

In this 60 minute long DVD you will
be taken around the world to experience
some of the hardest DJs and
live acts in the world.

Also hear what
the biggest DJs and producers in
Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland
have to say about their scenes.

Prepare yourself.


  QuickTime Preview
click pix below to see DVD menu/interface screenshots

Shrinkwrapped in DVD case:
$ 20
Prepare yourself to witness the fury of
Speedcore in North America.

Over the course of 80 minutes,
we take you all across Canada and the U.S.A.
to experience some of the greatest
Speedcore and Hardcore DJs on the continent,
with editing cut as fast and
furious as the music itself.

In the war of Speedcore Terror,
the sleeper cell has been activated.
   C.S.R. Sleeper Cell DVD   
QuickTime Preview
In a shrinkwrapped DVD case
only $ 10 !
THR - The Glorious Empire 
( chronicling the production company who threw the Communism rave from our Communism HardCore DVD )

In this 60 minute video you will go beyond the gate and witness exclusive behind the scenes footage, a year and a half in the making! You will be taken on a journey, as the
Toronto Hardcore Resistance's many facets are uncovered and all its secrets exposed.


- The theatrical trailer.

- Interviews and zany hijinks with top hardcore DJ's Buzz Fuzz, Predator, Tommyknocker,   and DJ Distortion.

- Mixed, quick cutting, party footage of Rick Rude, The Construct, DJ Plague and Orbeat.

- Exclusive behind the scenes footage, with a peek into THR's private limo THR1.
Where we learn what it takes to promote some of the largest hardcore parties in North America.

- A look at THR's past, and the future of Canadian Hardcore.
QuickTime Preview --
This DVD makes an excellent companion to our Communism HardCore DVD

only $ 10 !


the following relates to the IOAV dual-dvd-disc release.....

Dualism defined:

In metaphysics dualism is the belief that there are two coeternal principles in conflict with each other, such as matter and form (or spirit) or of good and evil.

beyond Dualism:

Duality is the central theme of our lives and world, a system upon which our very language is based. The name "I/O" symbolizes the essence of that struggle. In an attempt to reach beyond this world of opposites and into a world of singularity and light, I/O was born. It is our dream to live a life of joy in the eternal-present, seeing the future simply as an extension of our current state. Through the use of modern audio-visual electronics, our craft points to the unspoken, for nothing can be said about the One using a language based on duality.

We believe it our mission to act, in accordance with the Divine Spirit, as catalysts in an experience that cannot be told, an experience beyond words and logic, beyond duality. Our ministry is one of love, light, sound, and unity.


  I/O's  debut DVD, 4-4-4, is in stock & shipping.
It's a
3 hour Audio/Visual journey optimized for the psychedelic experience.
 4-4-4 is the culmination of the last 2 years of A/V ex
perience and production for I/O.

8.41 MB .mov

the Bomb

   These QuickTime video previews are just a minute sampling of the myriad
   diametrical visual juxtapositions found on the IOAV dual DVD set.

an awesome visual extravaganza,
for home viewing, or visual set integration,
@ a crazy price make 4-4-4 a solid choice
in your A/VJ library.
Two, 1.5 HR DVD's (NTSC) for $20

Introducing internationally acclaimed abstract video artist: Marina Prospero, & evolving from her experiences creating visuals in and for South Beach, Miami's elite clubs, launches a vehicle to provide "Visuals For Projection" to other artists around the world, available as....The:
Mind Expansions DVD Series

( MINDEX-DVD-001 )

Front cover of DVD case Back cover of DVD case


Detailed visual preview quick reference grid facilitates on-the-spot content selection, - or match the music to the associated visual style, and leave the DVD on sequential or random autoplay, as seeming  a/v synchronicities wow both you and your crowd.

DVD #1 QuickTime Sampler
(download to your computer, 35 megs)

Add Mind Expansions DVD #1 to your visual arsenal for the low price of only:

for introductory series release:
2 Hours, NTSC
License Code: B

New DVD's in the series will be released monthly, with series subscription packages available soon saving you as much as 25% versus buying individually, & throwing in exclusive bonus content for supporting series subscriber's included with the monthly disc release shipment closest to your birthday.  Packages start from $ 300 for a yearly subscription, we'll add full info here relating to the various series subscription options and bundles in the next week or two.

and now, some words from the series creator, Marina Prospero:


Even though it says "Video Clip Library", the DVD is currently only playable in a NTSC or multi-system DVD player, and is NOT CURRENTLY loadable as a data DVD-ROM that would allow for drag-and-drop video clip elements into your VJ Software or Video Editing application of choice.  We do plan to offer a companion DVD-ROM offering this capability, but with the same content as the DVD within the next week or two for $10 more (as the double DVD / DVD-ROM set) to provide maximum flexibility to those that require it.  ( & will add linked QuickTime video previews for this disc here within the week as well.)
2 Hours NTSC DVD
or shipping June 27th or prior, as a double disc set:
License Code: B

Trans-Former video ware - by VJs for VJs

The video clips have an average length of approximately 3 minutes. Each clip can at least be looped up to three times before the audience becomes aware of the loop.
Drop in the DVD - Menu is ready.
One of the major effects at the live-merging of video signals is the keying of pictures. A clean and crisp key signal is needed to produce smooth surfaces and sharp lines.
This cutting edge material is produced for all purposes, but it fits in best when added as key layer for chillout stuff. In connection with a video camera, two VIDEOWARE-DVDs allow you theoretically to run a whole event.

All clips on the VIDEOWARE-DVDs have alpha-channel RGB-black and are produced in a way that excludes color - bleeding etc. when used as reverse key.

The clips loop automatically, some clips fade in and out (to black), the other clips loop seamless.

All Clips are accessible via a 4 x 4 matrix (the main menu). With the cursor of the DVD-player simply mark the desired clip and start it with the ENTER or OK button. Changing the clip is quite simple, just press the MENU button on your remote.


!!!!!!!!!!! BY VJs for VJs !!!!!!!!!!!

Sales of this disc are pending distribution agreement with publisher...update soon....



License Code Definitions:

A: Produced in-house by us, footage licensed to you by our standard terms (coming soon)
B: Produced one of our community members, licensed to us, and sub-licensed to you (terms coming soon)
C: Produced by one of our community members, contains footage believed to be public domain, but we don't grant specific broadcast rights.