What happened to the FTP?

Being that we all work in different areas in the world, and thus don't compete in each others markets, in the fall of 2000, I originally set up the DVC FTP site.  Access was gained by mailing us a CDR or uploading material.  Then, access was granted to complete archive of VJ loops, clips and mixes.  We had a 60 gig HD on the server, but it seemed like there was always was a huge discrepancy in the ratio of uploads to downloads.

In April of 2001, the FTP was shut down for two reasons.  1: Someone uploaded a pirate copy of Adobe Premier 6, the day my business partner happened to check out the FTP for the first time.  He was not too pleased, as we take piracy very seriously, for obvious reasons, and it could jeopardize our mainstream businesses.  2: The day the FTP was shut down, a Friday, ELEVEN GIGABYTES of  material was downloaded that day.  Since bandwidth costs add up to quite a bit of cash with download levels of this magnitude, we discontinued the FTP.

We may set up a FTP archive again in the future, but it seems like this is the most cost effective solution for now.  Thanks for your patronage, and for understanding our position on this.

Now, a recent alternative, our VJ Loop Servers, and our CDR/DVDR VJ Loop Exchange Areas.

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