3050 - IDS Film Footage Listings

Basic Footage - Tape # L-003, 8mm (1st Gen) & VHS (2cd Gen)

1. Closeup of #'s changing on editing controller
2. Other equipment in 3050 Lab
3. In Stacie bldg, computer lab
4. Stacie, then Harp in Vancouver
5. Canada Geese
6. Cigarette, time running out, match lighting
7. Looking down stairwell
8. Door, fire sign, lights, doorknob
9. Stairs, fire alarm stuff, fire bell, EXIT sign
10. Fire hose, eye hole in door, fire light

11. White board with chemical equations & molecules
12. Keyboard, cd interface on screen, fax machine
13. Telephone, meridian phones, computer, DMM
14. Motors, Styrofoam head, harpist, people on Halloween in Pubs
15. HMV video screen, DEE-LIGHT music video, Madonna video
16. Harpist, feminist lady w/green hair in healthfood store
17. Demolition MAN: - LA burning, police cars, burning cityscape
18. Heli coming in, pilots talking, Sylvestor talking, Heli sideview
19. Sly gets ready to jump, burning building, heli from above
20. Sly jumps, gun fights with criminals, down elevator shaft

21. Through window, along corridor, on security cams
22. Bursts gas barrels, confrontation, fire starts, fight
23. Police cars burst through barricade, bldg explodes,
24. Searchlights through smoke, firemen, Sly about to freeze
25. Sentencing, goes in container, hose connected, starts to fill
26. Filling, ice-9 pulled out, & stuck in, Sly frozen solid
27. Computer readouts, Phoenix escape discovered by cops,
28. Cops computer readouts, code 187, Maps on computers
29. Cool map, cars, Phoenix gets out, comes to kiosk
30. Throws user away, automated banking screens *.

31. Edgar must die, gun on screen, swear ticket
32. Police come, confrontation, anti spray program
33. Fight, car window borken, fist fight
34. Cryo claws, Sly's icecube, computer terminals-cool *
35. Computer screens-laser cuts around Sly, body on screen *
36. Sly unfrozen, Mind Sex sequence *(of girl)
37. Harpist, *EEG machine-many buttons, computers
38. Screen of brainwaves *, me in EEG bathroom
39. Hallway, coke machine in window, wires on wall
40. Computers, brainwaves go across screen *, EEG machine

41. Knobs of EEG machine, CN Tower closing in, on bus werid guy
42. Bus goes by, me walking, Harpist, MIND CORP movie:
43. Face on screened monitor *, guards & inmates
44. Cages everywhere, Stomach explosive injector
45. CompScreen of human body-red explosion pulse,Crime doesnt pay **
46. Guys stomach explodes, Laser cages, Guns focus in on guys
47. Target & fire on stomach, guy dies, Targeting
48. Random inmate stomach pain, 3 ring brainwashing machine *
49. ** Girl in brainwashing sequence-almost abstract, in uniform
50. Girl w/aura, guy, ** feedback sequence, guy spins, head wired*

51. Evil baby sequence, he spins, rips eyes out
52. Mind wipe chamber control room-on multiple screens-spinning guy
53. Sex dream sequence, girl with holo-map, robogun guys
54. Escape attempt, guy fires on robots, riding on gun
55. Break into control centre, surgeons try to deliver baby
56. Fight in delivery room, down elevator shaft, into truck
57. Escape, in field, truck on remote-kill, flamethrower
58. Stable explodes, end. drunk welfare guy at dundas & yonge
59. Strip bar, Shooting pool with ACE people, fun in bar
60. In Phoenix club-cool lights on stage*, lights sweep crowd

61. Cage dancers, in Catch-22 bald guy dancing, Aura shoot-me
62. White floating rainbow feedback*-circling-pulsing spirals
63. Rainbow circle spins, cloudlike rainbow pushing FB**
64. Circles go out from middle*, blue circle, square
65. *Cool outward circles, outward circle slow turning pulses
66. Dithered pulses*, wild spins with shapes in middle & edges**
67. Large rectangle pulses, break up into weird, large pulsing
68. Rainbow closeup dithered grainy pulses, circle-out
69. Orange outside circle, cool patterns***wild
70. Wild multi color circles to square to circles***, star

71. Gainy crap, outward rainbows, edges spin & star WILD!!!*****
72. Mega cool cont of patterns!*****, dies down, quick cool pulses
73. Blank black pause, circles-not so cool, white circle edges cool
74. ****** wild sequence begins, blue w/orange halo
75. White builds to circle colors, pulses, cool sequence starts ****
76. Quick break-sequence starts again*****, white circle to colors
77. Blue fuzz, cool sequence begins*******, normal stuff
78. Black break, green dot to pulses-fast-slow down
79. Black break, WILD patterns in stuff-sequence begins******short
80. Normal stuff, fingers stick in to patterns**, play w/it a bit

81. Quick break, normal stuff, cool finger patterns begin******
82. Multi fingers cool patterns****-beat-like-like spinning a record
83. Egg like still., pencils stick in-mega cool fast seq begins****
84. Big objects cross lense-cool mini seq*, wild pen stickin seq*****
85. Seq continues with full hand-cool**,. WILD new seq begins-w/hole!*!***
86. Pulsing w/mini patterns inside
87. Wires w/plug cross screen begin LONG ULTRA_COOL SEQUENCE**************
88. Fingers begin to poke in sequence continues-still mega-cool
89. Dies down to pretty good, back to cool, WILD *** Sweep sequence
90 As bars sweep picture(V-Hold), wild holes in middle*** short seq

91. Triangle & Octagon shapes, now eliptical slides begin********
92. **Elip spins, **cloudish POV FB, warping w/morphing colors***********
93. Spirals go elip then circles-change dirs ***
94. Out of focus-mega cool****, Ultra rad ethereal****************
95. Blue patterns, Orange seq begins***short, normal but fuzzy
96. Spinning outward colors-pulse, mega cool blotch deq begins-short*****
97. Triangle pulsing w/spins, circle pulses, cool seq begins-short****
98. Orange then triangle-white, cloud then total screen fast pulse**
99. Rainbow outward pulse w/edge spins, tictactoe patterns
100. Fingers begin tictactoe cool seq***, circles, bow, then norm

101. So-so seq begins, gets much better***, platic invades
102. Fingers begin fast paced-short cool seq****, rectangle stuff
103. Circles w/arm things, END of TAPE-black