Sample Tape N-001

1. Static (SF)
2. NightFlyers (SF)
3. Final Approach (SF)
Notes: - Lots of samples, mad/genius, philosophical...etc..good!
4. The Infinite Voyage (SCI)
Notes: - PBS show, pictures of the cosmos, human brain, etc
5. Solaris (SF)
Notes: - Foreign, in Russian. , letterboxed.
6. TimeBomb (SF)
- Brainwashing, etc
7. Xtro 2 (SF)
- Misc computer displays, etc
8. Final Mission (SF)
- lots of VR stuff, brainwashing, etc
9. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein (F)
- TriStar Preview, mad scientist stuff, etc
10. BrainScan (SF)
- medical facemask over face POV, cool tunnel visuals, brief.
11. Mind Trap (SF)
- dream sequence, are you dreaming awake..., etc
12. Altered States (D)
- trying to catch "subliminal" static
13. In the mouth of madness (H)
- A: I'm not insane, fast weird seq, A: sane/insane...reality,
A: they tell me reality, fast weird seq 2