Sample Tape N-002

Key: "A:" = Audio, "V:" = Visuals

1. Arcade (SF)
- A:Heaven & Hell, A: AI,VR, vidgame stuff, cool visuals
2. Trancers 4 (SF)
- Fate,Death
3. Shrunken Heads (SF)
- Revenge, Evil, Evil Face, Hell/Sins, Revenge/Spirit,
horn sound & visual, getting shot POV, Love, Apoc,
kill/suicide, fate, egan guy
4. Trancers 5 (SF) [preview]
- cool visuals, time/space, eclipse
5. Puppet Master 5 (Fant) [preview]
- life formula, evil/demons, twisted drill in girls head pic
6. Dark Angel (horr) [preview]
- Hell, Heaven, Judgement, religious imagery, clock breaking,
mirror smash fx/explode
7. Lurking Fear (horr) [preview]
- religious exploding stuff
8. Shrunken Heads (more stuff)
- Death, evolving, kill
9. Born of Fire (D)
- skull/death eclipse, religious pix, mysterious music quote,
Father/music, self/originality, dying, time, sermon, cremation,
deja vu, chanting, power, sing/chants/music to God.
10. Official Denial (SF)
- UFO's, UFO "experiments", satellite stuff, alien death/OBE,
thought communication
11. Threshold (D)
- dream, pain/death/time, hospital scenes, original thought, death
12. Dark Star (SF)
- cool visual stuff
13. Kenneth Anger (experimental film)
- weird religious/devil/strange imagery
14. Trancers 5 (sf/adventure)
15. Oblivion (sf/adventure)
16. The Magician of Lublin (drama)
- A: Magic/Hypno stuff
A: Good Rushing/Intense music
17. Shadow Zone (SF)
- comp screens, sleep pods exploding, A: dream stuff, high voltage
sparks, comp screens, lab scene w/fog (good for luma-key in),
brainwaves on monitor, disturbing alien face, comp screens.
18. Brain Dead (SF)
- Brain pix (interspersed w/titles from beginning), A: dialogue
about brains, A: about brain surgery, madness/morals, brain
pix on comp, research/morals, brain surgery, reality/change
yourself, A: madness quote, attitude adjustment, reality/fright,
schizo, shock therapy, craziness, dreams/reality, A: butterfly
quote, POV driving, surgery POV, butterfly/dream/death, A: end
brain/madness music.
19. The Ninth Configuration (drama)
- cool water texture, rocket sequence, A: psych quote, cool
religious/gothic imagery, A: multiple personalities quote,
faking madness/some are genius/evil/madness, God/devil,
A: psych may be mad quote, thought reading, life/creation/
probability/God, drugs/doctors/addiction, sanity/Hamlet,
A: who are you quote, god/plans/love, A: god quote, A: life
after death quote, A: reverse psychology quote, scary psycho
face, existance of god.
20. Psychedelic Skydive (then normal version)