Sample Tape N-003

Key: "A:" = Audio, "V:" = Visuals

1. Asylum (drama)
- A: insane quote, pix of madmen on wall, A: creation/god quote,
reality/fantasy/insanity, A: lobotomy quote, therapy, mad
2. Severed Ties (preview)
- lab scenes, needle/serum, lightning face
3. MindWarp (SF)
- Nuclear explosion/total recall'ish quote, cyber socket
deconnection, & connection, cool laser stuff/cyber stuff,
reality/prisoner of our own minds, cyber guy, cyber hook-up.
4. The Sender (horror)
- hitching a ride to 1963, A: mind reading, electro shock therapy,
repetitive information sequence, A: close your eyes & sleep,
5. Cyborg ][ (sf)
- robot sequence interspersed with unwanted titles in letterbox,
sex with laser and technological background then explosion,
cyborg eye stuff, computer kill screen, eye on monitor, robot
surgery, comp screens/eye on screen, mouth on monitor/god quote,
erase the data quote/comp screen, mouth on monitor, POV tunnel
quick shot, monitor mouth/A: you have time, A: hacking hardware
quote, A: psycho stuff, firey radioactive symbol, A: therapy
quote, comp screens, A: man/machine difference quote, soul in
software message on wall, eternity/life/death.
6. Scanners (sf)
- guy's head exploding, A: voices in head quote, A: brain control/
psychic sparring, A: telepathy quote/oscilloscope stuff, art
therapy quote, weird medical art/sadistic, A: too many voices in
my head quote/art keeps me sane!,guy gets killed/cool art gets
blown up, telepathic transfer of consciousness/very cool audio,
cool audio of the voices inside peoples heads/while guy is
filling up needle with serum, cool almost morphing people scene/
weird audio, A: loosing self/very cool, group telepathic audio,
A: we're the dream/he's the nightmare, A: help/help, A: scanning
computer with mind/access the past, A: I'm one of them/dispair,
A: computer hacking with consciousness link/ICE contermeasure,
self distruct computer sequence/cool visuals, A: battle for
control of consciousness, energy build up in hands, eyes popping
out of heads/scary guy with white eyes, screen blips off.
7. White Light (drama'ish?)
- Tunnel of white light, A: love/who are you, A: life after death
vision, A: what death is like, A: last frontier/of the soul,
painting of death/white light, A: dead to live/brought back/
understanding the afterlife/dreams/love, A: profound experience,
A: loosing my mind/crazy/pain, A: scared of dying, A: mind reading.
8. TimeScape (sf)
- A: parallel world/voyerism, room spinning/weird audio, A: fate
quote, A: purpose of time.
9. Scanners ]I[ (sf)
- V: POV doctor with laser-like light on head in your face,
V: monks meditating, A: " have special powers, you must
choose whether to treat them as a curse or as a gift.",
A: "My master says, you must accept death as karma, but there
is a long way between theory and practice.", A: "...there is
evil in this world...we must face the conflict between such evil
and good...what defines good and evil...fulcrum...deep inside
self (with breathing)...control heart.", V: lasers in guy's eyes/
POV/malfunction/explosion, V: POV psychedelic motorcycle mini
ride, V: romance/light sex scene/w A: "Are you listening to
me?".."No..", A: "you've got to stop taking the drug/psychological
side effects could be devastating.", V: oscillo health graph,
A: "good night sweet prince.", V: woman on tv saying/A: "you
will, without hesitation, obey my every command.", A: " you will
serve me...from this moment on you are mine...body and soul...
to death do us part.", V: weird chick's face, A: "resistance is
futile...this is a new world order...and we are in control!",
V: very cool laser sequence/with many POV's, V: weird face POV's,
V: girl sends her consciousness into a tv camera/tv network.
10. The Final Conflict (drama/horror)
- V: drill in face POV, A: argemeddon quote, A: cool chanting
dramatic music, A/V: munks chanting/praying/confession/antichrist,
A: antichrist stuff/satan is turned into an angel of light,
A: good vs evil, A: "Do you believe in god?".