Sample Tape N-003 - Detailed Descriptions

Key: "A:" = Audio, "V:" = Visuals

1. Asylum (drama)
1. A: "This is an asylum for the incurably insane."
2. V: pix of madmen on wall: man making weird face at himself
in the mirror, others, man's ghastly face as the camera
spins in a circle,
3. A: "...The bible tells us that the lord God formed man from
the dust in the ground, and breathed into his nostrils
the breath of life. Thus the man became a living creature.
Do you believe that doctor?" "I'm afraid I've put my belief
in science." "So do I. If I could breathe my consciousness
into one of these figures, it would come to life."
4. A: "...those patients, locked away by themselves, lost in their
own fantasy's, and no attempt made to bring them back to
reality." "You forget, they're incurable..."
5. A: "...There's only one way to remove Byron's hallucinations,
with this." "Pre-frontal lobotomy." "Exactly." "Do you
believe that surgery is a substiture for psychiatry?" "It's
effective." "Yes, it's effective, at turning intelligent
human beings into vegetables."
6. A: "These patients are badly in need of proper therapy." "You
won't help them, you won't even let them help themselves..."
7. A: -mad laughter by a doctor.

Notes: Source tape quality had some minor artifacts that are

2. Severed Ties (preview)
1. V: Laser in lab.
2. V: vortex in beaker with green liquid.
3. V: lots of chemistry equipment in lab.
4. V: guy shining HE-Ne laser at camera.
5. V: Fractal on monitor/Gene bonding successful
6. V: guy filling needle with glowing serum bottle that is in his
7. V: monster's face f/x'd with lightning/plasma.

3. MindWarp (SF)
1. V: Nuclear explosion, A: "...escape, infinisynth, more
fantastic than fantasy, more real than reality, the ultimate
experience is infinisynth..."
2. V: cyber socket deconnection
3. V: cyber socket connection
4. V: guy sitting in chair with cyber helmet and argon laser
shooting and fanning forward from under his chair.
A: "...You must realize that your actions have dire
consequences..." "...I want something real, anything.
We're stuck inside our own heads, it's worse than a prision,
it's nothing..nothing at I the only one that can see I the only one that can see that?..." "...It's
what you wanted isn't it?..the unimaginable."
5. A: "None of it was real?..." "...I can't believe it was all
just..." "yes, it can be any shape you want it to's up to you." "...I didn't think this
lesson would be wasted on you." "...You've inherited my
strength's, my powers, you've passed the test, you've
proven it."
6. V: girl gets into cyber chair, helmet lowers, argon beam scans
more into field of view.

4. The Sender (horror)
1. V: hitching a ride to 1963
2. A: "People read your mind, they think your thoughts, they see
your dreams, they feel your pain. You may not want to admit
it, but they do. I'm not trying to hurt you. You see
that's when it happens, when you feel threatened or upset.
But you can't control it, that's what really scares you."
3. V: electro shock therapy, electrodes on guy's head, looks like
he's in extreme pain, biting on mouthpiece, etc.
4. V: Television keeps saying "information" repetitively, until
guy smashes it. crazy people in background laughing, etc.
5. A: "Close your eyes, there you go. shhh.. Now I lay me down to
sleep, pray the lord my soul to keep. If I should die
before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take."

5. Cyborg ][ (sf)
1. V: Cyborg construction sequence interspersed with unwanted titles
in letterbox format.
2. V: couple having sex with laser and technological background,
then explosion.
3. V: Eye/iris looking
4. V: Cyborg eye readout, with "kill the human" on it.
5. V: Eye on monitor, A: "can't take my eye off you"
6. V: Robot surgery, POV on cyborg optical readout, A: "You're
going to be semi-operative for a couple of hours, nothing to
worry about, just try and relax." screen static.

comp screens/eye on screen, mouth on monitor/god quote,
erase the data quote/comp screen, mouth on monitor, POV tunnel
quick shot, monitor mouth/A: you have time, A: hacking hardware
quote, A: psycho stuff, firey radioactive symbol, A: therapy
quote, comp screens, A: man/machine difference quote, soul in
software message on wall, eternity/life/death.
6. Scanners (sf)
- guy's head exploding, A: voices in head quote, A: brain control/
psychic sparring, A: telepathy quote/oscilloscope stuff, art
therapy quote, weird medical art/sadistic, A: too many voices in
my head quote/art keeps me sane!,guy gets killed/cool art gets
blown up, telepathic transfer of consciousness/very cool audio,
cool audio of the voices inside peoples heads/while guy is
filling up needle with serum, cool almost morphing people scene/
weird audio, A: loosing self/very cool, group telepathic audio,
A: we're the dream/he's the nightmare, A: help/help, A: scanning
computer with mind/access the past, A: I'm one of them/dispair,
A: computer hacking with consciousness link/ICE contermeasure,
self distruct computer sequence/cool visuals, A: battle for
control of consciousness, energy build up in hands, eyes popping
out of heads/scary guy with white eyes, screen blips off.
7. White Light (drama'ish?)
- Tunnel of white light, A: love/who are you, A: life after death
vision, A: what death is like, A: last frontier/of the soul,
painting of death/white light, A: dead to live/brought back/
understanding the afterlife/dreams/love, A: profound experience,
A: loosing my mind/crazy/pain, A: scared of dying, A: mind reading.
8. TimeScape (sf)
- A: parallel world/voyerism, room spinning/weird audio, A: fate
quote, A: purpose of time.