Sample Tape # 5 - Contents

1. End of World via phone call movie
-phone call
-brief nuclear montage
2. Hypno TV Film
-misc shots
3. Vertigo
-moire title sequence
4. Omen?
-Alpha Hypno brainwashing
-Bug flight POV
5. Cuckoo's Nest
-Much misc
-Electroshock therapy
6. Natural Born Killers
-opening sequence
-***Devil montage
7. Insane Doctor/Patient swap film
-Insane audio
8. They Live
-Weird TV interference
-Hidden messages/advertising
9. Communion
-Alien, doctor, misc shots
10. Liquid Sky
-theme song music (good for techno song sample overlay)
-alien killing sequence
-shooting up/killing seq
-Fashion shoot..."do it" chant
-Weird night club
11. Johnny Got His Gun
-God/Reality, weird audio
12. Jacob's LAdder Promo
13. Disturbed
-Insane doctor/crazy shots
-Restrained patients
14. Journey Into the Beyond
-vector scan
-nuke explosion
15. ___
16. Death Film
-warning/hypno audio
17. Japan weird game Show
18. Ancient B&W Mad Science film
-Crazy definitions (text)
-Mad Doc/going crazy
19. B&W Jekyl flick
-change sequence
-other crazy shots
20. Freddy part ?
-sleep deprivation montage
21. ___?
-weird guy swearing fisheye shot
22. Coma
-misc shots
-wicked shots
24. Logan's Run
-misc shots
25. The Mask (B&W original)
-going crazy
26. Mad Brain Halucin film
-misc shots
27. Mr. Roboto video by STYX
-misc shots (low qual)
28. Looker
-brainwashing commercials
-scanning human form
29. TRON (crummy qual)
-many POV's (wicked)

30. Point Break
-misc freefall shots, & more