VJ Loop CDR Payment Options

Ok, lets hope you remember your order total, now is the time to select payment options.

Shipping will happen within 72 hours after your payment is received, but usually much sooner.  

Payment Options:

Send me a money order or cash directly       Use Western Union
You can send me a bank draft, money order, or well wrapped cash.  Drafts/M.O's: should be made payable to: "David Eagan"   US Money Orders, please note, don't get the ones that say: "negotiable only in the U.S. and possessions", or they will be returned to you, get the "international ones".   Mail me @:

AudioVisualizers.com Inc.
P.O. Box # 92507
Carlton R.P.O
Toronto, ON
M5A 4N9
There are Western Union outlets just about everywhere in the world.  This is a good alternative to mailing me your payment, since as soon as you make your payment at a local Western Union agent, I can ship your order.  Please email me, and I will forward you the details for paying by Western Union.



If you haven't used the shopping cart, and know your total, you can click on the paypal button to send your payment to us with your credit card.

If you're sending me a M.O. or cash, finished with paypal, or trading material ( Submission Details ), click here to continue. .   I will get back to you asap to confirm your order.