1394 External Firewire HD's w/VJ Content For Sale      

Here's how it works:  

Step 1:  You choose your case.

Either you want a very small external case with 1394 (firewire) (w/USB 2.0 as an extra option), or you want a slightly bigger case (as shown below), so you/me can stick in a removable drive bay, for added storage possibilities down the road.  Each option has it's advantages and disadvantages - however this is YOUR choice/option.

External 1394 (Firewire) HD Case (small) - $ 100 USD     
Step 1:  You choose your case.

This is option ( 1 B ) - lower case: - the removable drive bay.

Removable drivebay - $ 10 USD      
External 1394 HD Case (Large) - $ 100 USD       

Still Option #1:

Just more case picture options.
Step 2:  You choose your Hard-Drive:

Right now, your only option is:

A brand new 80 GB, Western Digital, 7200 RPM,
w/ either TWO or EIGHT Meg cache.  

All HD's are sold at our cost, as a service to you - our business is content, not hardware.

80 GB HD, w/2 Meg Cache:     $110 USD    
80 GB HD, w/8 meg Cache:      $125 USD  

Please note: we will not sell HD's or cases without a content license pack.
Orders for just hardware without content will be refunded.

Step 3:  We take your HD, and put it in the case of your choice:

In this picture (as an example), you might have chosen the non-removable
small 1394/USB 2.0 Case.
Step 4:  You choose your content licenses:

Coming soon, but approx idea for now:

MegaPack #1 (24 GB, mixed resolutions)    $ 100 USD   
MegaPack #2 (20 GB, mixed rez - visual previews coming soon)    $ 100 USD   
MegaPack #3 (20 GB, mixed rez - visual previews coming soon)    $ 100 USD   
more content coming soon...

approx $10 per GB of content if 320x240


From $30 per GB of content if 640 x 480 , 720 x 480/486 , or/and 720 x 576 Broadcast resolution

Step 5:  You choose your shipping options:

Courier/insurance mandatory

approx cost:

$50 USD for 2-day delivery to anywhere in the world

UPS Global Courier Service    

Step 6:  You check out - pay by secure credit card form:

And happily have your ready to go external firewire HD w/loaded & licensed content within 48 hours, with the HD formatted for the platform and OS of your choice.

More info soon.

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We currently have approx 300 GB of unreleased content, and are in negotiation to license approx 500 GB of custom broadcast rez computer graphics & more.

If you would like to inquire as to reselling your work here, please write for info.


Warranty, Insurance, & Money Back Guarantee, backed by your Credit Card

1/2 price as an opening special.  We normally charge $10 a GB, so @ $100 for 20 GB, it equates to $5 a GB - which is half price.  make sense?

Thanks - more details with 24 hours...

Coming Soon!