iBall+ is a brand new, high-impact point of sale, advertising and information display.
Its classy design, will look good used in any entertainment, point of sale or information environment. iBall+ can be desk or ceiling mounted and provides a spherical, full-colour, 360° LED display.
  • Display individual images, animations or text
  • A PC is only required for editing the display
  • Scheduler for queuing display at pre-determined times.
  • Remote upload via modem.
  • Fully Networkable.
  • Desk or ceiling mounted.

How it Works
The iBall+ works by persistence of vision and has a spinning LED vein ,giving an animation rate of 40 frames per second & 62,000 virtual pixels allowing text, graphics and animations to be displayed.

Shops, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Chemists, Nightclubs, Airline, Supermarkets, Promotional & Advertising Agencies, Home Users.

A very effective approach to point of sale advertising.

New text, images and animations can be easily loaded into iBall, using  'Spatial Display Editor' software.





Spacial Display Editor - Main window




Connecting to iBall




‘Spacial Display Editor’ software can connect to iBall by direct connection to PC com. port, by modem or by TCP / IP network




Point to Point
Suitable connection of one Device to a PC. Half duplex communications capability




Daisy Chain
Many Devices may be chained up. Half duplex communications capability, but only to the first Device in the chain.




Using a Gdi/Spacewriter  RS232 hub, many Devices may be connected. Each with half duplex communications.




The diagram below shows the three ways of connecting Device(s) directly to the PC.




Device Networking Diagram





If you attach a modem to iBall, you can use ‘Spacial Display Editor’ to phone up the modem from the PC and upload new text, images and animations, remotely. See picture below.






Modem Upload Diagram




Using an ethernet to RS232 converter such as the Moxa Nport Express,Devices may be controlled via the internet. You will need an Internet Service Provider(ISP) and a fixed IP address for each converter. Each converter installs as a com. port. 'Spacial Display Editor' can support up to 256 com. ports. The diagram below outlines TCP / IP operation.

If you want to purchase an iBall, please write to iBall@AudioVisualizers.com.

Our current pricing is:

iBall:  $ 695   (our competitor www.spacewriter.com sells for $ 1100 - see their site for more extensive product info though)
Fanscreen:  $695   (spacewriter sells for $ 1100)
WallScreen:  $ 1050
SignLine:   $ 595    (spacewriter sells for $ 1100 )
as these are special order items, shipping will occur approx 15 days after receipt of your funds.
12 month warranty on all items.