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Inside shot showing the PCB
The AV/FX unit, fully assembled

Perfect low cost solution for :

Installation is as simple as connecting video in and out for the AV/FX, and an audio input and a video out for the A2V

Features :

Description & Pricing :
All prices are in USD, and don't include the cost of shipping, which varies by method and location.

-AV/FX: complete kit with printed circuit board and all parts other than power supply and enclosure. Performs realtime image processing on NTSC or PAL signals: solarize, negative, video paint, quantization, B&W, & more.

-A2V AudioVisualizer: pre-wired kit, just add power suppy, switches & enclosure. Breaks an incoming audio waveform into: low, mid & high components, and routes each to separate VCO's that produce realtime abstract imagery with multiple colors and patterns controlled potentiometer settings and music input factors. $250

Is it available fully assembled ? :

I am marketing and selling this product as a "kit" which for the uninitiated means that it comes in pieces and you have to assemble the product yourself. If you have never constructed an electronic kit before and don't know anyone who can assemble it for you, then I highly recommend that you contact me and ask for a price on a fully assembled and tested unit, although this will cost significantly more. I prefer to just sell the kit, so if you can get it assembled yourself then you will save quite a bit of money.

What if it Doesn't Work? :

This project has been designed to be as easy to assemble as possible, and designed to work first time without any adjustment or setup. I have had no reported problems of correctly constructed units not working completely as described, it is a very sound and reliable design and there is very little that can go wrong with it.

If you purchase a kit then obviously I can only guarantee the actual quality of the components and the integrity of the design, I cannot guarantee your ability to successfully construct the project. If you do not posses the skills to assemble the unit and troubleshoot it in the unlikely event of it not working then I recommend that you purchase the fully assembled and tested unit. I will usually not troubleshoot your unit for you for free, so please do not simply send it back saying that it doesn't work. However I do not like to leave anyone out in the cold and I will be only too glad to help you with troubleshooting hints in the unlikely event of problems.

Construction & Operating Information :

Full step by step construction details and operating instructions are included with each kit.

The following items are available on an occassional basis, please inquire if interested.
NTSC 4 INCH LCD MONITOR.......$99........product code 3: AV/LCD4b
Compact (4.4" x 3.8" x 1.4") TFT active matrix LCD color monitor including fluorescent backlight. Analog RGB and composite sync input with switchable horizontal / vertical viewing. Low power consumption, long life backlight and good resolution make it ideal for VJ and VideoArt use. Single 8 VDC supply, standard ribbon cable - Molex connector interface. Complete specifications included.

NTSC 4 INCH LCD MONITOR.......$149........product code 3: AV/LCD4
same as above, but completely enclosed, ready to accept a composite signal.



Q: I don't know a thing about electronics, how simple is it to put together?
A: You have to know how to solder and follow electronic diagrams, or find a friend to help you. This is how we are able to keep the cost of the kits as low as possible.

Q: Do all kits work with both PAL & NTSC?
A: No. Some do, some don't. Check the specific details on each one carefully, to determine if it meets your needs.

Q: What kind of resolution can i expect from both units?
A: The A2V produces old-school low rez output (pix to come soon). However the AV/FX will produce a signal similar in quality to the input source. EG: a VHS VCR with 270 lines of resolution, feeds the AV/FX with a composite NTSC signal. Output: Just as stable and nice a picture, except FX'd!

Q: What kind of enclosures do I need, how big need I think?
A: Your choice. Both units are quite small. An enclosure approx 2" x 6" x 4" would suffice for each unit.

A2V Specific

Q: Is the A2V a standalone apparatus or does it have video in as well as audio in?
A: It is stand-alone. Just feed an audio signal into it, and get a video signal out of it. It does not have a video in.

Q: Can I use the A2V to feed input to the AV/FX ?
A: You can put the output of the A2V onto your switcher, along with your other sources (computer, VCR's, cameras, etc), and feed them into the AV/FX to alter your imagery, similar to many of the FX built into most video mixers.


The AV/FX is a device for producing real time video effects of an analog nature on an existing video signal. It is designed for the NTSC system but can be modified for PAL. It is connected between a video source and monitor or VCR, and runs from a wall transformer. Interfaces are standard NTSC for both input and output. The device has six front panel pots, and four toggle switches. No host computer or software is needed as this is a stand alone device.

The video effects possible with this low cost device are as follows:

Some other features of this device are:

The AV/FX uses LSI ICs and only needs a DVM for a simple setup. It will prove useful in conjunction with a video camera and monitor for generating interesting video effects, or simply as a plaything for experimenting with video signals. It may be used as a tool in editing and production of videos at low cost and also where no specialized computer and software is available or out of the question, or as an introductory device before investing large sums of money in a more complex system.

Price $150 USD plus Shipping and handling

AV/FX Images

These are examples of the kind of effects the AV/FX can produce. Results will vary with image and control settings.



Monochrome images will appear as below:


Photos of the AV/FX


A2V AudioVisualizer

Comes almost ready to go!  Just add the power supply, a few knobs and connectors, and a case!

Happy customers include:

-Dan Summer / DVLabs & Bill Etra
-Richie Hawtin / Plastic Man
-Dave Johnsrud / Telemetrics
-sold some others, but I forget who at the moment, one went to Japan.

View the instruction manual / schematics

Interested in possibly ordering either unit?  email me!

Dave Johnsrud purchased both the A2V & the AVFX in Feb 2002 - Here's some comments from him:

Hey Dave,

Yes, I did receive the A2V and am enjoying it.  However, I like the AVFX quite a bit more.  I have an oscilloscope in XY mode all the time I am playing my keyboards, flute, etc.  The scope is not color but it shows much greater resolution.  The A2V is really kind of chunky on it's own.  I hope to make a mixer to use it with some other effects.  The AVFX is really great for getting some very complicated video feedback.  I created an inverted pentagon and a  long term oscillation that cycled through iterations over 20 seconds in duration.  It started with small bits of chaos peeling themselves off the corners and spiralling into the center.  After enough drifted into the center it created enough energy to keep a ball of chaotic spinners rolling in the center.  Eventually the spinners would group together into a 5 bladed propeller spinning off into oblivion leaving behind a softly simmering sea of nearly invisible chaos.  After a few moments, the little
bits of chaos would start ripping loose from the corners again and the whole sequence would repeat.

It was really tweaky to get it set up, but it really is much easier to generate tons more intricate video feedback patterns with the AVFX.  I haven't put it into a box, but hope to soon.  Thanks for the interest and feel free to let me know anything that you think I might be interested in.



Sept 2003 Update:
  Someone recently emailed me an article for construction of a similar unit to the A2V.  In all likelihood, parts will be very hard to come by, but I'm presenting it here for your interest anyway.

Click on the article image to go to the directory with the full article pages.

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