Inc - Laser Items - Introductory Pricing Structure

This is just a preliminary rough draft. As I ramp production up from prototypes to finished products, and work out all the related business details, this page will be updated, and shifted to one of our new domains. Pictures of the units in action, and a promo video will soon be ready as well. In the mean time, if you are interested, please
contact me. Thanks!

For rough reference, if you are new to lasers:
488nm is blue, 532nm is green, and 632nm is red. To learn more about lasers, check this excellent resource, run my my friend LMR.

Lower power ideally suited towards indoor display, or small outdoor advertising where minimal ambient
light is present. Mid-range (2.9 w) is geared towards large venue indoor shows or outdoor advertising/beamshows. High end (20+ w) is strictly for roof mounted beamshows.
Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) are small, durable and aircooled 110 VAC.
YAG Systems usually run of 220 VAC single phase, and are either water or aircooled.
Ion systems (Argon/Krypton) usually run off 220 VAC three phase, and require water cooling.

Power Description Price (CAN)
30 mw DPSS 532nm laser w/ps $ 1,800
40 mw DPSS 532nm laser w/ps $ 2,000
50 mw DPSS 532nm laser w/ps $ 2,200
  80, 100, 150, & 200 mw pricing available by request.  
2.9 watt (2,900 mw) DPSS 532nm laser w/ps $ 31,300
20 watt YAG/KTP 532nm (water cooled) $ 20,000
25 watt YAG/KTP 532nm (water cooled) $ 23,600
30 watt YAG/KTP 532nm (water cooled) $ 25,800
40 watt YAG/KTP 532nm (air cooled) $ 32,300
50 watt YAG/KTP 532nm (air cooled) $ 37,700
  60 to 100 watt version pricing available by request.  
10 watt Argon/Krypton Whitelight (16.7 million colour) system. $ 35,300+
700 mw DPSS 660 nm laser w/ps $ 2,100
50 mw DPSS blue module coming in October....  

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