AV T-Shirts

Our 1st T-Shirt effort came out really well - they were silk-screened in two colors on the front of a black shirt.  They're now sold out, but if you haven't seen them yet, click here to check them out.

Our 2nd shirts shipped in April/02, and sold out fast.  The colors I used are, pantone # 549 (blue'ish), and the green is a glow and the dark ink.  The white areas you see will be transparent, that means that the colour of the shirt will be there as the whole design is overlaid onto it.

We're going to do another run of our 2nd shirt design, back by popular demand.  Because this is a 2nd printing, we don't have to pay the screen set-up charges, meaning it's cheaper for both of us - only $10 per shirt!  They will go to the printers on June 4th, and be ready to ship approx 1 week later.  You can pre-order now, and this way you are sure you will get the exact size and colour your want.  Colour options include:
 -a yellowish orange (looks awesome, one of my favorites in fact)
-tan  -black  -light blue  -navy blue  and  -olive green.

Front of our 2nd Shirt

Back of the Shirt

Interested in getting one?  Then:


T-Shirt Sizing Chart 
Size          H         W    
Baby-T 18" 14.5"
Small 23.5" 17.5"
Medium 24.5" 19"
Large 25.5" 21"
XL 25.5" 23.5"
2XL 27.5" 25.5"
3XL 28.5" 26.5"
4XL 30" 28.5"
5XL 31" 31.5"

Click below to purchase with your credit card.  In the notes field of your order, be sure to specify your size and colour choices.  If you don't,  I'll email you to confirm your choice.  Thanks!

T-Shirts are a new thing for us, so we print shirts in limited runs, based on your input.  We also are looking for new design ideas for future runs, so if you think you have a great new design for a AudioVisualizers T-Shirt, please contact us about this.