Costumes & Masks in your Act    

   One thing I wanted to do for a long time was get away from being a behind the scenes technical VJ, subservient to the DJ, and get on stage, and be the DJ and the VJ, all in one.  I'll leave my thoughts on the convergence of the DJ & VJ to another article, and focus here on my thoughts on how incorporating costumes and masks into your live video performance art can add to your show.  

Putting on a mask or a costume allows you to get out of yourself, and take on an exaggerated persona on stage, really getting into the act.

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DJ Profile: Paladin

Paladin, from my hometown of Toronto, CANADA, has been actively involved in the scene in all levels for approximately 10 years.  He has two DJ personalities, SOS, as just him, and his Paladin persona, a mysterious costumed alien that combines dark, hard music with an interactive stage show complete with custom-made props.  Slogan: "When you book Paladin, you not only book a DJ, you book a PARTY"  Over the years, Paladin has upgraded his costume, and now at "version 5.0", has integrated lasers, and luminescent body panels.

Profile: Light Warriors Tokyo



I don't know too much about LWT, but one of their members recently emailed me, so I decided to check out their site.  Very wicked stuff indeed.  Although they're not VJ's per se, it appears they dress up in cybertronic costumes and battle each other with light sabres and futuristic weapons in front of huge screens which feature video feedback with themselves being the source image that spawns the infinite fractalesque visuals behind them.  Do check out their site for more!

 Low-rez, but still very cool videos of LWT performing: First - Second - Third.

Visit their website for lots more pix and info: Light Warriors Tokyo 


Profile: Mobius 8

John Laraio, who goes under the guise of Mobius 8, performs live music that in turn generates real-time interactive 3D effects with Zuma, of the the newer VJ Software packages profiled in our toolshack.  I spoke with one of the 3DMaxMedia Zuma developer's recently, and we will be getting an exclusive peak at their latest release sometime in March.        Here, Mobius 8 plays the Hydra, his custom made controller instrument that uses 8 infrared beams to trigger visuals, lasers and more.

Here's a link
to a more in depth article about Mobius 8.

Also check out these other intriguing VJ/Performance related groups:

- PDRF - a Chicago, USA based VJ/Performance group.

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