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We have a hard deadline of November 7th to unveil our new features.  This will be phase 1 alpha - I am meeting with another core member this coming wednesday and will brainstorm/translate/decode our ultra veneer prior to that meeting - angel request - if so, please contact me.


After applying for an account, your application will be reviewed and likely approved ASAP.  Then, you will be sent a welcome email with an activation link. You can activate your account at any time, however, once activated,

Within a 14 day timeframe, you must: 
Upload a minimum of one gallery image (.jpg/.gif) representative of your VJ Act to act as your default avatar image. This could be your face, your logo, a still of your output, whatever. Also, you must add in at least a minimal biography so your page isnīt completely blank and uninteresting. We realize not everybody speaks or writes in English - So feel free to do your bio, etc in the language of your choice - Auto translation is a feature we have planned for a future revision (although not for a while)


There are no plans for fees of any kind at the moment, and will run free forever as long as I can afford it. For users requiring more than 100 megs disk space (doesn't seem like many will need this), I may add a future option for you to pay a small monthly contribution to help subsidize expanded associated costs. See next item for extended details.

SERVER DETAILS: is run on a separate dedicated server from our main site.  The current configuration is: PC running FreeBSD @ 1.3 GHZ, 512 RAM, 60 GB HD. Port connection is 10+ mbps burstable, and my max traffic allowed before overage charges is 400 GB. As Oct/02 we currently we have approx 180 members. Assuming 200 users total by November here are some potential stats:

200 users @ 100 megs HD allocation each = 20 GB HD usage.
Aside from main page loading & static image gallery views, if people had their complete online promo videos browsed 10 times each during the month, then: 20 GB x 10 views = 200 GB Total traffic used. But since I gather not everybody will use their full HD allocation, and browsing stats will vary, I'm sure our traffic will be much lower than this, say half (100 GB)

So you can see, we'll remain within our 400 GB traffic cap for quite some time, so there should be no reason to institute fees of any kind, providing I don't go broke for some strange reason.


When you initially go to our page, you will see users avatars hyper linked to their pages, in a 3 by 5 matrix. The default sort option is "recent" - What this means, is users that have added a new journal entry most recently. So if you modify pictures in your gallery, add new galleries, or change your bio, this will not affect your sort order. However, if you add a new journal entry, eg: updated news about a recent gig you did, developments in your vj software, details about a new video mix posted, or whatever, then immediately after you save your changes on your page, you will be bumped up to the first entry on the opening page. 

As other users also add journal entries, you will be gradually moved to the right, until you eventually end up on the 2nd+ display page - until you add a new journal entry again. Make sense? I hope so. This feature was designed so that the most active users would always have display priority, so others could keep up on their recent developments.

Terms of Service:

If you haven't already, please review the most up to date TOS here.

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