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I've been receiving a steady stream of compliments on the site, so I thought I might as well post them here. To submit your comments, click here.

From: (Electrip Design)
Just wanted to let you know, I found your site through the eyecandy egroup, and I have to say it kicks ass, I like your content based approach "info, and resources instead of a bunch of fluff"...

From: samsa <>
Hey y'all, I was at a party on the weekend and heard not once but twice among conversations between dj's:
"yeah I'd really like to incorporate visuals into my set"
"well you should check out, with an z,"
the word is spreading, congratulations!

From: Todd Jaquith < >
Thank you for your efforts and this wonderful site! I've been a VJ close to 3 years now and this is first site I've found dedicated to freaks like me.

From: resolution < >
First of all, big congratulations for providing such an excellent VJ site. It was about time <g>. We all know this will rock the future. I've been checking ur website ever since u started and I'm very impressed by the info you have gathered in the short time.

From: - 
Congratulations on your wonderful site - IT IS BOTH A BOON AND AN INSPIRATION

From: Sil P. - -
Hello There!  I'm really happy about your site, because VJ'ing is the FUTURE!!!!!

From: "synthetic detroit" - :
I really admired your web site and want to thank you for the valuable >information that is provided on it. I wish to connect with other visionaries such as yourself in order to share and expand the boundries of electronic atmospheric recreation.

From: "Dr. Paradise" < >
I can definitely see your site becoming the vj hub on the web... Good work!

From: Jimmy Rahn < >
Man, You guy' s are where it's at!!! Realtime video synthesis. Twistin' knobs and pushin' sliders. Hands on, is right on Baby!

From: Jason Strzelecki < >
    I am writing to compliment you on your site. I am a high school student who is very interested in learning to be a vj. I have looked everywhere on the net and have found little information. I would say you have the most informative and useful site of any covering this field. I have learned  a lot from your site and the programs in the tool shak. I  am currently preparing to go to college to learn animation and hope to specialize in doing live shows for party's. I look forward to your completion of the section on programs and will download all of them to decide which I would like to use for my shows. Once again thanks for all the info!

From: Leonard King <>
Love your work.  This has definitely become a place I keep coming back to. As someone who works in the periphery of VJ art and who has a keen interest, this really is inspirational.  Here's hoping to the continuation of a place where we can all share our experience and joy at creating quality.

From: Faith Bisram <>
Just some fan-mail from someone who thoroughly appreciates your site and services and most of all, your way of thinking. Visual creation and manipulation to the extreme. I am interested in visually interpreting philosophical and some scientific theory. I am not an engineer, but wish I had the skills to build the necessary hardware. I feel it is important, in all aspects of life, to de-focalize and see things for what they may be. Merely, illusion. I will be a continuous visitor to your site. Thank-you, Faith

From: RES Magazine - (from online site suggestions)
David Eagan's extensive site is a must-see for anybody just starting out in the VJ world. Like the best sites on the Web, it's a passionate, opinionated guide with all the detail that obsession allows.

From: Kalex <>
I'm VJ''s and event organizer since 6 years now, I'm specialized in big metal structure witch comes with DJ's and VJ's melt together in live. Discovering your site, was the most pleasure time I ever had, since I start mixing (or trying to) the image on stage. Thanks for your invest and the serious of your work. I'll be glad to meet you in Paris or anywhere else, soon.

From: Jeff Bush <>
I've been working with dancers and video since 1973.  Someone just turned me on to your site, and its great! First time I've ever spotted this much info about something I've been involved in for almost 30 years!

From: Julz  <>
Hi, I've just started getting into making visualizations at dance parties, mainly borrowing gear and just using win-amp plugins and videos, DVDs + mixer.  I'm finding your site good long term entertainment; I'm always discovering new crazy corners of it. Thanks for the best VJ resource page on the net.

From: Robin Whealleans -
Greetings.  Somehow we seem to have missed your excellent site (flattery will get us nowhere - ha ha!).  We are one of the biggest suppliers of visuals to the music industry in the UK.  We're currently working on a terryabyte video server which will store our favourite visuals at broadcast quality and make them available to the trade, all submissions considered!  Keep up the good work - about time someone did it properly.  If you're ever in the UK, I guarantee a warm welcome.  Happy mixing...

From: Eric Saks - <> -
I think your site will push the creative envelope of VJ'ing . I hope the video gravy of ravy gravy graphics will surpass and head into visions that are truly expressed by an artist and not a set of button choices. The tools are the beginning and I have found here the best site for access to new tools. Thanks.

From: VJ PixiLight <James Fair
> - - 
David, mad praise for your site. I am hoping that with sites like yours, and all the great VJ programs coming out, that VJ'ing might one day have equal in billing to DJ'ing at the party level. I hear in England and Europe that VJ's are getting equal billing. Maybe soon I will be able to work with you and others in setting up VJ competitions much like the DJ's do.

From: Dallas Bodin  - 
Awesome!  I am just recently getting involved in the VJ world and was elated to find your site. It has taught me more in a day than I've learned over the past month or two.  I just wanted you to know.  It's great that you share this info with the world.  It's dense with info that is a true delight for a beginning VJ.  Delightfully smart ideas in the Mad Psy Lab.  Do you still offer any type of "skooling" or training?  I can tell you've been doing this for a long time and I'm anxious to learn.  I'm excited about the possibilities.  Keep up the good work on the site and know that it's worth the time and effort.  -Dallas.

From: Ang Dax  - 
Man, I've been devouring your site for the last couple of hours. I have to say I haven't been so inspired in a while. See, I'm starting to learn the basics of vj'ing and have found nothing even 1000th as inspiring as your site. Anyway, not to ramble cheesiness, but I appreciate the @$#$loads of effort you've obviously put into your site. Thanks, Dbig (Dax).

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your site. I have ordered discs from you before and they have been so useful. I like being a VJ cause I am constantly pushing the bounds of my hardware, trying to come up with new ideas. Plus there seem to be lots of DJ's but very few VJ's.  Just saying hi from Arkansas, USA.

From: "webmaster" 
hi dave...
I don't believe...
thx a lot.. for the cd-rs and the DVD...
great stuff...
end of the week i send you my new VJ Loop CDR. : cologne on the road / .mov /
with best regards..

Your site is a godsend!  I've been doing video performance stuff since
1995 and your site has changed the face of the VJ community forever. The
resources are excellent and the network you've created has helped us all
further the art form.

Thanks so much and I hope to get to meet/jam with you some day!

p.s. great shirt design! when's the actual mixer coming out? :)
toshi hoo
media artist

Your support of visuals artists is incredible.  Through your website, I have
connected with many other VJs and it is truly an amazing asset for our
community.  Keep it up!!!


Just writing to tell you how much I love your site. Its really great,
perhaps we can meet some time, I'm in TO quite a bit. (Am actually doing
a show there in February). I've been making and showing visuals for the
past eight years. Am based in Vancouver, up until last year I was a
partner in Urban Visuals, I noticed they're listed on your site.

I'll send you a link to my website when its finished.
Keep up the great work and if your ever in Van give me a shout and I'll
take you around, its a great city.

How can I make a donation to Audiovisualizers? I was looking out for a box
to add a donation on the paypal form but there wasn't one... You are doing a
great service for all of us and I'd like to contribute in some way if I can.

Thanks again,

(SyZyGy Visuals)

hey great site. I'm a VJ, video artist in Nelson, New Zealand.
 Its great to know that you support us!! I sometimes feel that its not worth the battle. You know endlessly convincing promoters and DJs that the whole visual thing really works and punters love the whole sensory overload.
 I am also involved in a setup called "Project Shown". A creative video forum to encourage video artists to screen their work. We have had 4 screenings in the South Island of  New Zealand. Yey!!
  I'm interested in any links to do with visual mixing and video art VJ sites etc. Also any hookups in NZ would be great.
  My VJ name is VIVID  email
 Keep up the great work!!


In a cosmos of billions of galaxies,
In a galaxy of billions of stars,
There's a planet with billions of people -
The only one we know of -
And every breath we breathe is a miracle.
Our hearts pump.
We see.
We feel.
We taste.
We touch our world.
And sometimes we forget the pure wonder
Of our brief journey on earth.

co-authored by mr.e + luxx natura