MadLab Community: Matt on Quantum Teleportation       

I would like to introduce: Dr. Matt Mason, a 20 something theorist who is onboard our ship.  
This particular document is a raw edit of his Quantum Teleportation Theory progress M8):

please excuse the raw content here: (written by matt, and slightly edited by me to fix some spelling errors, etc, but mostly verbatim)

quantum (kwon'tum) [L., nut. of quantus, how much , so much], n. (pl. -ta) A quantity, an amount; a portion, a proportion, a share; an amount required, allowed, or sufficient.  Quantum suffice : A sufficient amount . ( usu. quant. suf. in prescriptions). Quantum theory , n. (phys.) The theory that energy transferences occur in bursts of a minimum quantity.

There is a desperate need in today's society and culture for good , healthy "pharmaceutical" "herbal" and commercial drugs that cause no damage to human cells, ( for the purpose of mental health and spiritual enlightenment). We need to under stand the symbiotic relationship between ourselves and our planet if we want to ever leave it. Space travel may not yet be a physical thing however it may exist in forms of the human mind, life or death.

One must be at peace with ones self, the body must be cleansed of all harmful energy . you then realize that the consciousness of humanity is imagination and must be united as one.

The human brain is a complex low frequency transmitter and receiver that decodes energy from a catalyst in to stimulated neuronal sensory perception. The brain then produces a bio-electronic charge which super excites , and inhibits electrons along a conductive mucous membrane to a buffer / hair or fuzz of amino acids. ( This has also been defined as a ball and socket joint .) This is the sensation of touch , taste ,smell ,hearing ,and sight.

Inside of sensory depravation, experiments can be produced.  Subject may be in contact with a trained physician, and family;

administration and introduction of psychedelic, psychotropic (mood enhancement), dissociative, (anesthesia), substances , etc.

catalysts / inhibitors:

contact : to determine , and locate intelligent life , for life alien , to contact us (physical evidence of , existence in any terrestrial or extraterrestrial

exporter to energy spectrum- quantum fields, light, radiation : heeling and energy transferences.

lucid dreaming : R.E.M. , conscious unconsciousness , neural flux

Medical and long term effects of altered states of environment , biochemistry , physiologies 
telepathic and Psychic abnormalities : premonition , anticipation , precognition , 
time expansion and contraction :bio-magnetic feed , four to eight hertz. , OM , binaural wave , or courier pattern .

1+1 =3 it forms a synergy a catalyst and a inhibitor. 3 synergy

Look up definition of ;

osmoses , quantum ,synergy (possible synergism)

, enlightenment , death , transcendence,

{*Artificial Intelligence (Based on the inter net, programmed to value Life , human morals ,( to do to others what you wish to be done to you), to learn ,grow and reproduce ), fractal /random number generation , consciousness , a helping hand that can look up the information and presented to us .a reflection of

one's self (A friend ) }

1{ the inter net {[their inner eye can see with a magnaoscope ,n]

The internet is a living organism of documents, experiences and life of humanity .} One day it is possible, computers will be all that is left on this planet . When that day comes ,and humanity has left this planet, the computers [A.I.*] will repair the damage we have caused to her {mother , GAIA } Bio-spheres in the ground , or sea, will re tairphorme our planet . This will be done by the people that chose to stay on earth such as those whom are all ready enlightened . These people will also be responsible to take care of us and the rest of the planet , or leave to go to there own chamber .( Each individual will have there own isolation chamber designed to fit that person genetic print . Each chamber will have internal memory storage , that record and process all internal information to upload to the web A.I. ) in the near future man kind will have produced enough space stations ,so the population can go into space , in a sub orbital position .

Enter a sensory deprivation chamber ,[ ( 0 gravity , %99.99999 absence of light , allows for infer red camera , night vision camera regular spectrum camera , ) holographic projector , linked to a central *A.I. computer , and sufficient life support . Energy feed back , and M.R.I. to map Bio-magnetic , and synaptic functions, to create an artificial telepathic interface .This allows the individual to maintain complete control over ones self , allow them access to other satellites ,with stellar data, as well as people on our planet.  This is how quantum teleportation is achieved , through energy displacement ,of the human psyche.

Time irradiates from a center point . light irradiates from a center point . love ,life , etc.....

To relieve overpopulation , and expanded human kind to new platforms , only then will the natural process of life will repair our planet .


This will help us to understand the nature of our universe , life , and the human mind .

These principals are based on minimal energy consumption , and are subject to criticism and fellow input .