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Location Based Entertainment Section:
This section highlights the new advances in entertainment toward such elements as interactivity, synchronized motion, and other advanced technologies integrating with feature film and video simulations to provide a superb altered reality simulation. As these multi-participant projects are so massive, they are usually installed at a fixed location, hence the "LBE" monicker.

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Some contact info - many of these companies have rad stuff they mail you, including videos of their products in action.

Top Dog (218) 732 0070 got info, get pov vid of experiences
Orbitron (619) 757 6900 (407) 862 2158 12K 2-degree motion platform, & more X
Thompson (517) 776 5111 acuators, etc X
MaxFlight (908) 240 6200 built spaceball, custom turnkeys, sending info X
RPI (415) 495 5671  
Thompson (817) 543 5821  
Doron (607) 772 1610  
Minataur +44 0 727 448 00  
VIM (619) 438 9255 headmounts
VResearch (408) 748 8712  

Amusement Industry Companies, Organizations, & Merchandise


More snazzy LBE related info coming in the near future. I have tons in boxes, it just takes time to input the relevant stuff into the system.