VSynth Scanned Design Notes        

These are just some notes I made in 1999 on misc videosynthesizer design ideas and other tech-art stuff.  I thought that rather than sitting in my binder waiting for the bookworms to discover them, I might as well put them online - who knows, maybe you'll gleam some useful inspiration from them.  -D.

     Notes about potential chips to utilize, and a plethora of other info.
PAL/NTSC to RGB, Framestores & More.
Potential Layout of Control Panel.
Gate arrays & Switching.
Misc Curiousities.
Video Portfolio musings.
EM Interface Ideas.
Video Switching Multiplexitor.
Gennum chip for videowall ideas.
Sync Stripping for VideoWall.
Sync separation & regeneration.
Using the LM1881 Sync stripper chip.


more note scans coming in the future....