Spring Sale & VJ Loop MegaPack #2 - Contents

Our latest disc series for 2003, builds upon the success of our previous community artist loop compilations, and is now titled "MotionRave" in honor of our upcoming Global VJ Agency.  If you would like to submit your demoreel, please write to us at MotionRave@AudioVisualizers.com   
from magic marker to snazzy colour! 

Disc Title/Visual Preview Link   Cost if purchased separately
SAT # 1   $ 10
SAT #2   $ 10
MR1A   $ 10
MR1B   $ 10
MR1C   $ 10
MR1D   $ 10
MR1E   $ 10
MR1F MR1A-F QuickTime previews here $ 10
MR2A   $ 10
MR2B   $ 10
MR2C   $ 10
MR2D   $ 10
MR2E   $ 10
MR2F   $ 5
MR3A   $ 10
MR3B   $ 10
MR3C   $ 10
MR3D   $ 5
MR3E   $ 5
MR3F   $ 5

$ 180 if purchased separately, or all 20 discs ( 14 GB ) in our MegaPack #2 Special for only $ 90 !

or buy
RC-Fuse for only $ 75
PC & Mac

RC-Fuse purchases include 4 bonus CDRs of VJ Loops

Also, you can still get our
MegaPack #1 for $100 (24 GB)

and our
MegaVCD Pack (10 full length mixes on VCD) for $60

Title/Content From:     Disc Title   Visual Preview Resolutions  Price   Data Buy DVDR
MotionRave Compilation DVDR #1    Unity   Preview HERE           320 x 240        $ 40          4.0 GB   in May
Psychodelic, Transmission, Cliff Cain, Dr. Projection, Frank P, Illectric, & Ed Tan         
MotionRave Compilation DVDR #2 Ascension   720 x 576 $ 40  3.9 GB in May
(High Resolution Content Pack)            
MotionRave Compilation DVDR #3 Evolution     $ 40  4.1 GB in May
(contest pack)   artist content
MotionRave Compilation DVDR #4          4.0 GB in June

Artist Content Listings

MotionRave #3 - on a single DVDR (when available), or on 6 CDRs (contest #1 (4 discs) & contest #2 (2 discs) ) 
MR3 CDR A includes content from:
anita - vj annie001 - b_casey - divxyz - ibftp - levlhed of RenderBros - LockJaw - m_ang - many2 - micro vj team
peeka - vj pixylight - resonance - tranceanimation - unjulation - valgus - vj katobeat - volando
MR3 CDR B includes content from:
an-ism - oakSpyrit - Polinomix - wirenz
MR3 CDR C includes content from:
vj pixylight & valgus
MR3 CDR D includes content from:
studioNex4 & TzTeam
MR3 CDR E includes content from:
Plastorm - fitz/dilation - levlhed - marco - volando - plastikwrap - wirenz
MR3 CDR F includes content from:
dis-assembler - synesthetic - vj eniac


We finally got a "robot-arm"...yes, I was going a little crazy burning all the discs we have been sending out all over the world.  So what does this mean?  Well, for one, I don't go completely crazy, allowing me to focus my energy where it is needed most, although I've still kept crazy pricing for you.  People tell me to raise the prices here, but at the moment I can't bring myself to.  I live modestly via the income from all this and the other things that I do, and the truth is, I really don't want to be rich - I just want to be happy - and I am happy here in doing what I love.  I'm still fooling around with coming up with some nice imagery for our new disc series, and until I can afford / get more orders for more discs, we'll still be doing some magic marker scribbling, but here is what you have to look forward to, if the ink doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Slowly and steady, we will continue to bring you the best of the best content, facilitating community via our website here.  Please remember, without your occasional VJ Loop CDR, DVDR or videomix tape/disc submissions and financial support, none of this would be possible - or for that matter worthwhile.  My continued thanks and best wishes in your art!  8)  -D.     
from magic marker to snazzy colour!