AudioVisualizers Visuals & LaserShows Conference

Since I am so busy, and to a certain extent lack the organizational skills to organize something like this from scratch myself, we were planning to host a Visuals and LaserShows conference in association with  However, due to their recent problems with last new years eve show in Morocco, the conference is in jeopardy at this time.  It was/may be on Memorial day weekend in May, 2001, however until further notice it is up in the air.  If it happens, the conference will take place at the Holiday Inn, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada (1/2 hour west of Toronto).  Rooms are $119 CAN per day (approx $80 USD) plus tax, and hold 1 to 4 people (2 double beds).  Room sharing is available for 1/2 price, subject to availability.

Conference costs $300 CAN / $200 USD which includes meals, seminars, tradeshow, the banquet / Show awards and more.  Schedule and more info coming soon!
last laser fx conference.  

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