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The Dancehall / Seminar Area

The 15 by 30 room where we previously used as a wood storage area/work room is gradually being converted to a multipurpose seminar/dancehall room. Our construction is slated to be completed in December 1999, in time for our new years eve party. It features a split level ceiling of 13 feet for the third towards the front of the house, and 16 feet for the 2/3 of the ceiling towards the rear, with a curved section joining them. There is a side staircase which goes up to an L-shaped landing that allows a view of the main dance floor, and continues up to to theatre and 2nd band area. Since there is 16 feet to work with, the underside of the landing has 8 feet of headroom, allowing for a bar and chill out area, and there is ample headroom on the way upstairs as well.

We also have use of a huge backfield for outdoor events, although we don't own this land though.

More will be updated soon, with many pictures, and extended descriptions. In the mean time, press the back button to return.

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