Murray Farr
My uncle Murray and I, in our new electronic firemen hats, late '70's.

Murray was my uncle, born in 1942, and departed in 1992. He left me the schoolhouse, a place of legend, in a town where modern
day North American history began. Below, I have begun to add a bit of info about his life.

"In 1963 I wormed my way onto the [University of British Columbia Special Events] committee by offering to produce a day I
would call Art in Action. They let me do it and gave me a tiny budget of a few hundred dollars -- so I went to see every painter,
potter, weaver, sculptor, filmmaker and so on in town I knew or had heard of -- and asked them to come out to the campus and
do their thing. My favourite was a group of sculptors who wanted to do something new, massive, exciting and theatrical, all of
this outdoors. We got a local ice company to donate eight tons of block ice, and trucks from Simpsons-Sears to haul the ice out
to campus. We talked the army into lending us two flame throwers (boy, was that hard!), and set our sculptors to sculpting this
twenty foot hunk of ice with flame throwers. A huge crowd gathered, and by the end of the day the artists had made a perfectly
formed, single female breast. It was gone the next morning." -Murray Farr, 1971.

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MURRAY FARR - life highlights:

Murray was the first to bring Jefferson Airplane to Canada. He was in university at the time, and the band asked him to
drop out and be their manager. I suppose his life would have been a lot different, had he agreed. A brief historical retrospective
1970-1976: Managing Director, Chimera Foundation for Dance, Inc. - New York, NY (Nikolais Dance Theatre and the Murray
Louis Dance Company)
1976-1977: Associate Director and Administrator, Neptune Theatre, Halifax, NS.
1978: Administrator, Dance in Canada Association National Conference - Vancouver, BC
1979-1980: Tour Director, Vancouver International Children Festival
1978-1984: Various titles, Vancouver East Cultural Centre
1979-1984: National Tour Director ("Rock and Roll", "Billy Bishop Goes to War")
1981-1983: Member Artistic Directorship, (with John Gray, Larry Lillo, Jeremy Long and Christopher Wooten)
1978-1979: Associate Producer
1979-1984: President, and General Manger, Package-Deal Theatre Series, Vancouver, BC
1979-1985: Public Events Consultant, Centre for the Arts, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.
1984-1986: Producer, Xerox International Theatre, EXPO 86, (The 1986 World Exposition), Vancouver, BC.
1987-1989: Director, Dalhousie Arts Centre, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Murray went on to found a presentation and promotion company. -Clients include: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre-NYC,
Bloolips-England, Dolly deLuxe-Oslo,Norway, & Philip Glass Ensemble-NYC.

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