PsyberSchool Esoteric Summer Retreat & Conference

Located in picturesque Lahave, Nova Scotia, CANADA, our 6500 square foot psyberschool operates as the central labratory HQ for our esoteric research into all things weird and wonderful. We invite other techno-artists to join us each summer, as we host a conference, festival and party dedicated to pushing the frontiers of techno-performance art!

I've given my idea for a summer retreat about a year to settle in my head, and have finally come up with the initial details. It will be by invitation only, to make it more focused and productive. This is not to say I want to exclude anybody, but I have some specific notions about things that are not necessarily suitable for all ears. 12 to 15 visionaries from around the world will come together for 3 days, to discuss the future of entertainment technologies. The first two days will be private, and the 3rd day will be open to the community and all the rest of you who wish to attend. Everything is free. Door prizes will be awarded, and guest VJ/DJ requests may be accommodated.

Current prizes may include
: - x. We are internally funded and don't have or allow any outside corporate sponsorship.

OLD Prize Listing:
Grand Prize: 100 mw computer controlled YAG laser system (emerald green output).
Custom Footage Award: A digital video camera (miniDV).
Luminance Award: a mid-range video projector. (yet to be determined).
Technical Award: custom video synthesizer kits. (individual consultation provided).
Net Award: Full .com high capacity hosting w/up to 5 gig per day allowable bandwidth.
Potential Award: Cash re-inbusement for all associated costs of coming to the conference from anywhere in the world.
* (complete award listing is not yet fixed in stone, and may be subject to change, however this list is current plan)
New Prize listing:
I have decided to scrap the prizes on the left, and instead conduct a workshop where everybody learns to construct their own DPSS laser system and video synthesizer. All materials will be provided free, and participants will get to take home their creations. Control of the laser will range from integrated analog controllers, CV/MIDI, and fully computerized control. More details and pictures to follow soon. I am awaiting initial component shipment from Taipei.

The conference has been rescheduled to mid October in order to accomodate some of our key participants schedules (they are touring during the summer) I will confirm dates here shortly.

more details to follow soon.

Brief notes: Key Summer Dates:
-food and lodging will be provided
-there is no fee whatsoever
-We will provide all equipment, save for your highly specialized needs.
-Participant list is confidential, includes high profile live audio / visual acts
from Japan, Britain, and all around the world.
-Party will incorporate twin high end large frame lasers and video wall.
Dark Rave 4.0 - tapes avail
Dark Rave v5.0 - tapes avail
June 30th: Private corporate event - Website launch.
July 1st: Dark Rave v6.0
July 15th: Ride for Literacy
August 5th: Dark Rave v7.0
August 12th: F3 - 1 year anniversary.
Mid Aug: Private outdoor event.
Sept 2nd: Dark Rave v8.0
Mid October: PCSchool 2000
& many more...I have to look at my schedule book.

Queries?: touch base .

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