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Located in picturesque Lahave, Nova Scotia, CANADA, our 6000 square foot psyberschool operates as the central laboratory HQ for our esoteric research into all things weird and wonderful. We invite other techno-artists to join us each summer, as we host a conference, festival and party dedicated to pushing the frontiers of techno-performance art!


-LAHAVE - The Birthplace of our Nation.
-Murray Farr, my departed uncle, the previous owner of the SchoolHouse.

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Jan 2001 Update:  I have sold my schoolhouse to the director/co-producer of the hit sci-fi TV show LEXX, as he is more able to give it the attention it needs.  I had it 10 years, so was able to thoroughly enjoy the psyberschool and share it with others, but things change.  So I've sunk some of the money into our new laser, and put the rest in the stock market after taking care of a few debts, and with luck I'll be able to buy a more practical home sometime in the not so distant future.  I'm leaving this page up as a homage to what once was, and of course, all of the site's  page menu's at the bottom link here, so it'd be too hard to change anyway.

-Summer Conference details
-SchoolHouse Summer Retreat - The Early Years
-1995 Ministry of Education sponsored retreat - ( SEED Alternative Education )
-LFX/AVI 2001 Conference - Lasers & Video Performance

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