Hocus Pocus !!

I like this game a lot! Aside from previously being a professional magician for 12 years, so the nostelgia kicks in, its lots of fun

to play, and is in decent shape. Perhaps you played this as a kid? Anyway, a sure bet for lots of old time fun. Now, it may be hard to

see, but the backglass isn't perfect. More obvious is the really bad part on the lower right, where the ball in play bulbs are. Less noticeable

here is a small area under the 2nd player area, and webs of many minor, but sometimes larger areas of the glass where the paint has

come off. It looks good here, it looks pretty darn good in person, but I just want you to be aware of the imperfections.

As you can see, the playfield is in very good shape!!! BTW, all the lights, and all the targets, bumpers, etc work perfectly on all my machines.

Acutally, there may be a few lights here and there that need replacing, but all in all, these machines are in tip top order!

Please note: The coin door has no lock on it. A couple of other brief notes on this machine: There is no

back cover. You can make one out of metal, plywood or just stick it up against the wall. There are

no coin mechanisms, the shells are there, but some pieces are missing, it is set up for free play.

And lastly, the tilt mechanism needs a new swinging weight. This is a 10 minute job with a coat hanger

and some wire cutters, but I haven't got around to it for whatever reason.

Because I was backed up against a wall, this was all I could get in the picture. Suffice it to say the side

art is in great shape.

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