Klondike !!!

This game is really wicked! It has a three reel slot machine in the upper centre of the playfield, which cycles the

different reels depending on targets hit, and with the correct combos lined up, awards points, extra balls and specials when

you get the ball in another target. Another cool thing is the outpost. It pops up, and you can't lose (except from the side drains),

but when it rolls over the downpost, bang, you gotta watch out. Many bumpers, fairly fast play, a very good game.

---As you can see below, the backglass has seen better days. Some parts of it are mint, however, there are several

large cracks and smaller webs where the paint has come completely off. Still looks ok, but is nowhere near perfect.


The playfield on this beauty is as close to mint as you can get aside from a few small things. The

first is the plexi on the top of the reels is cracked, more info below.

Here is the closeup of the cracked plexi on top of the reels. Still works fine, and you could make another

one with a bit of work...just want you to be aware of all the ins and outs...

There is no key for the coin door. The game is set up for free plays by pressing the button.

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