June 5th, 2000: I first started a diary when I was about 6. It was my inventions diary. The next diary I remember was just before my 13th birthday, my teacher suggested I keep a journal relating to my trip to Asia. My Dad had a business meeting in Hong Kong, and invited my Mother & I along at the last minute because a 747 had been shot down by the USSR (many people have theories here), a week before, and therefore flights were cheaper. My Dad is kinda cheap. But I did get to go along on a vacation that would last a lifetime. My next diary arose from fond BBS nights writing to TSOTL in hopes of more manna. Excerpts of which were published in a 'zine which I unleashed in my mid-teens, originally titled: "Psyberchy Technozone" , but because of the weird font I used, the editor's of Factsheet Five reviewed my publication under the title of "Psybercity Technozone". That was the inspiration for our main holding corporation name. PsyberCity, Inc. - Psychological Biological Technological Integration. Work continues towards this endeavor today. My latest diary prior to today's initiative took shape in my stream of consciousness prose in my early 20's. And here we are on the current incarnation of the net today.

It's a little weird doing a journal knowing it is accessible by anybody in the world with net access, as the core point of a diary, reflects upon it's personal nature. Obviously I won't bog you down with insipid details of my life that I might prefer to reveal in person on a case by case basis, but I also won't embellish or otherwise mislead you from the true me. This is just an experiment of self, in a sense, a kind of therapy for me. Take it as you will, after all, it's really for me.

more to come soon, as I live my life day by day....

06/12: TEDCity was cool, I'll write a review later when I have time. Upcoming exciting events in my life: DARPA's Focus2000 conference.  

06/13: Is anything ever really secure? - Can you believe that hard drives & discs were taken from containers in a vault in Los Alamos' most highly classified area, the so-called "X-Division" ? ] That's why I like high level triple crypto. Sadly, DES just doesn't cut it anymore.

Fun keyword of the moment: ECHELON.

I recommend using anonymous dialups within your educational organization, or/and surfing with the facilitation of software from www.zeroknowledge.com . I met several of their key staff members at the TedCity conference, and was very impressed both on a personal and professional level. I don't know if they're publicly traded yet, but this is a company to watch! We've sold off a lot of stocks to purchase our new laser system.  Obviously, if short-term financial strategies were the only variables at play, it'd be best to leave it in the market. However, my position has always been that why invest in someone else, when you can invest in yourself? Quick recommendations: IBM's "Blue Gene" , and related protein sequencing processes will no doubt be a hot area in the near future. Also, the AECL is considering partial privatization. The Canadian Neutron Facility looks intriguing; I heard a great talk at a recent laser conference regarding the generation of antimatter. One of the lasers we are considering is a 10 watt Copper Bromide air cooled wonder, built by Spectronika in Bulgaria of all places. A 5 watt version is currently in place by a local university to boost the orbits of particles, then further techniques are engaged. Work continues day by day, and it is likely that within 1.5 years some of these particles will be able to be contained longer than a few femtoseconds inside a high level electromagnetic field. Interesting stuff, however, our laser will be used strictly for light shows.  

Some sites I surfed today of interest: X-Ray/Chandra - Plasma - Laser/Fusion - Navy Guestbook - Surface Analysis  

-more to come?, nope, the business day is underway....

That's all the news for today...much work to be done.

06/14: Meetings continue, and of course all the mundane stuff that actually becomes quite valuable as it is reflected upon further. Case in point: my day today: It is now 3:18 am. I just woke up. I went to bed somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1:24, or that was the last time I checked in rather, as I noticed the dash clock of the C230. My new watch that my business partner gave me spontaneously as belated birthday gift a month ago is having a deeper effect than I realized. No Telsa technology here, as some of my old harmonic wrappings from over a dozen years ago. I actually didn't wear a watch for approx 5 years, then my grandmother gave me a snazzy Timex one last Christmas, so I figured I might as well give it another go. The main feature I liked of that one was the indiglo, and the date function. This comes from TOKYO bay of SF, CA, & is quite aesthetically pleasing, although all it really does is tell the time, and add a sleek retro future look.

Today's schedule: 3 simple things really - 10am: Banking. - 2pm: Corp Lawyer - 4pm: visit car bunker. Sounds simple right? Not so, read on.

Attend bank A: (heavy ties), weird out the 20 year old teller who we always seem to get, and has to get multiple levels of approval as large amounts of cash are sucked out of account A1, and converted to a cashiers check. Security must love us. Over a dozen visible cameras, and of course all the less visible ones gently sipping in the vast atrium, and my slightly out of place 7 foot tall impression wearing the wacky 70's outfits that my Baloonitix friends picked out with me in the market. Incidentally, I hope they're doing well in Belgium before they come back to launch their new TV show.

Attend bank B: Deposit funds, transfer funds overseas, ...oops gotta run, and UL this file to the server, I gotta get going to the bank...sorry my thought processes are a little scattered here, I'll update this later in the day.

I got a call yesterday while I was driving that I was unable to answer safely, as phone B1 was locked into my blazer pocket, and I've only had these phones for a few days, and am just discovering their limitations.  Just as well, for the call, as for this communiqué - [ where the heck is the spell checker here...oh well...that's the thing - I used to be more than up to snuff in terms of vocab, and spelling from 8-16, but it's leveled off since then. Blame it on technology. I have fond memories of sitting on the
TTC voraciously absorbing new patent issues, and of course the dictionary, page by page. - I haven't read a full book in 10 years. Back in university, I somehow came to the erroneous conclusion that it was better to write books than to read them, to produce TV, than to watch it. Now it's all settling in a bit, as I find myself turning back to books instead of just relying on the authors to teach me through life experience. There's so many talented folk like you around, I might as well expose myself to a full, wide spectrum of knowledge, at the very least, to broaden my cultural base. As for TV, I have it all, but I prefer the software to scan it, and just bring me the tidbits I need to sample into the collective consciousness. Incidentally - I hooked up the new Lasershow Designer 2000 board & soft last night, and am just ramping up the curve while waiting for all the other pieces to fall into place. If you're new to lasertech, consider reading up on PCAOM & 3D volumetric display tech @ NEOS. (speaking of acronyms, when I first went to work in the handscanned, airlocked, data center vaults 12 years ago [my last real job b4 all this], it was all acronyms. It's either they didn't want me to know what was going on, or they just couldn't help themselves. I winced when they sledge hammered the 30 gig DASD drives. Anyway, another time for all that... - but I too had to learn to pale down my internal thought processes, to a level that people could understand me at. I think essay writing in high school helped - pretend your audience doesn't know a thing about what you're talking about. - Now I can gage it pretty well, and scale the conversation on the fly. ] 

Sites I surfed today: ILDA - Pangolin Discussion Forum - SIB2000 - LaserFX - Chipz -

06/15: "If anyone can control his tongue, it proves that he has perfect control over himself in every other way. We can make a large horse turn around and go wherever we want by means of a small bit in his mouth. And a tiny rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot wants it to go, even though the winds are strong. So also the tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do." James(ch3-3---)
Many changes coming soon! - bear with me....

06/16: Receiving initial shipment of DPSS lasers from Pacific Rim next week.

Today's surfx: - V/STOL - Quantum M1 - M2 - THANATOS - X-RAY T -

06/19: Had a phenomenal weekend...lots of sleep. Am going to try and work shorter hours this week if I can help myself. 

06/26: I'm heading down to DARPA's Focus 2000 conference tomorrow; I'm quite hyped! - We've purchased our new laser systems, info here. We upgraded our servers, and all my new lab boxes are AMD-800's w/hot swappable drives. Upon my return I will be setting up the new studio. Thanks much for your continued interest in my site! 


gradually updating with trip pix, & details soon....

this is me in NYC on July 4th.

07/08: I can't update the site remotely, due to current security settings, and as I've constantly been on the road lately, thus no updates... However, I can remotely post to our mailing list, and there's a bit more current news regarding our recent activities there. So, consider joining our members only mailing list. Register to become part of the family, from our rootmenu main page. DARPA was cool, then went on to NYC, then to Ohio & Indiana before returning to CANADA. Just dropped in here to charge my cell phones (my car charger broke), and to check my email. 

 That's all the news for now, I have to get back on the road...my cells are charged. Stay tooned! Major site design overhaul continues offline.....

07/18: A transformation. letter versus spirit ..taking shape...prepare to merge. Didja ever hear of Transpersonal Psychology? I've got a great book called Healing the Split. - Check out our parent company - or is it ?: www.PsyberCity.com.

07/19 / 7:47am: Today I actually return the videos. Its funny how as I truly sleep I dream of something that could be, and as I wake, I attempt to partake in something that will. Should we retreat or push forward? Step right up, pl;ace your bets. My next meeting is at 10:30 am. - Perhaps I pass back to the world of lost, to the future / or may I live yet for a new day? - Time will tell, as the light folds back upon itself and we arrive as we leave the pod. - Quixotical Echlonic Iridium TRay Junction Apex Function...T-Minus 42....41....Gee, is it really 4:54am, or is that just my GMT perception Uncle? We launch back our artbomb.

07/19 / 7:58am: - ))7/2o / Today we move forward even further. Uncle, stand ready to receive transmission, standard wavelength. - The polls are closed, those of you that drop away from now do not get to opt-in ever again. something must be afoot. Prepare for transmission. out..............

07/22: No time to write. -did a show last night @ System featuring Keoki. Much potential synergy here. Passed out from exhaustion and woke up and the end of his set to chat briefly. Working too hard lately, time to slow down.

    Turning up the air conditioning and doing an internal audit and writing my business plan in the coming week. I'm considering rebuilding the engine on my van and repainting & adding vinyl photo realistic advertising mesh overlay and holographic foil. If so, I would add a hitch to tow a 200 amp 3 phase generator to run the main laser systems. They are ready come Aug 1st. I was planning to drive down to near Palo Alto to pick the stuff up, but I've driven just over 10,000 km in approx 10 days, so don't know if it'd be exactly good for me to do this - even with an additional driver. Had an invite from Dimension7 to come out for Burning Man. Would love to, but many factors to consider. -will be in touch. Doing another show tonight @ some new club I forget the name of. -feeling kinda sluggish, could subcontract it, but friends aren't always perfect employees, and have their own agenda at times.

Went to the magic shop today, and picked up several blueprint books for large-scale illusion design. Have to get back in touch with my inner magician so I can work up to my full potential with integrated media performance art. Am just filtering it all through my head. 

sites of brief interest today: laser 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Ron Pellegrino - magic 1 - 2

07/29: I got the keys for our new studio yesterday. 1100 sq ft. I am moving today, and preparing for a show tonight- laser & video projections on a huge white building across the way, from the rooftop patio of a new club. So now time now. soon....almost organized!

08/03: There were 12,000 ravers down at city hall last night for the I-DANCE rally, to hopefully repeal or otherwise send a msg to the city regarding their proposed "anti-rave" bylaw which bans dancing after 2am unless the promoter has many paid duty police at the event, and pays the city a cut of the action. I am almost done moving to our new studio, so soon, time to sit down and update the site!....soon...

08/08: I don't get the phone line/high speed internet access in until the 15th....just in time for me to drive to California to pick up the whitelight laser. I'm not going to Burning Man, but if you are either in San Francisco or LA and want to get together for something social, then drop me a line prior to my departure with your phone #, and we will see....

I am doing mini-updates and answering the ton of backlog emails that I have been neglecting lately due to extensive travels, many gigs, and overwhelming work taking the business to a new level. I don't know if you all know...but I am essentially a one person show. I occasionally hire friends to help out on shows, and surround myself with good people to trade ideas and such with, but this summer has been quite hectic, and I need a bit of a break. The drive to CA with my partner will be moderately relaxing, and we're not really doing any work on the way. Just good music, a nice car, and a lax schedule. I'm not sure whether I'll bring my notebook yet or not. Kinda want to, to update the site while he drives, but as it's a 2500 mile trip, and we're driving straight'ish, maybe I'll take the time to chill out. Photos of my recent travels, new media studio and upcoming travels will be posted online in the near future.

Check the updates area over the next few days for details on recent site developments. Thanks for your continued interest!
Some pictures follow from my summer trip.  I'll organize these shortly.


08/18: Here I sit on the floor of the Banana Bungalow, a youth hostel in LA that I stayed in many long years ago.  I left Phoenix last night around 2am, drove straight to a 10 am meeting with a friend at another laser company in the LA area, hung out then came here.  I have a few friends in the area, but ironically, one has gone back to Toronto to make up an exam, and the two others are out of town.  At least till tomorrow, when Ryan gets back, and I finally get to connect to the net DSL style and of course chill out in the same level of cool.  I've been having way too much fun (mixed with business of course) to actually turn on my computer, not to mention actually update anything other than my diary right now...alas, says she...  

You know, I had a BBgun when I was around 10 or so, but never really cared much for guns, and thus never experienced anything much over arm pumped propulsion until last night.  My partner Shannon & I went out to the desert with HTC and I think I got my life's full of guns big and small in a little over an hour.  From a tiny desert eagle handgun to a semi-auto shotgun and a 50 caliber recoiling rifle, we shot them all.  Crazy stuff.

August 20th:  Here I sit again back at the hostel, after a long day of varied synchronicities in the Hollywood area.  I have to wait 'til all my batteries are charged here, then head down to the air force base for a big party that Jim of LSDLaser is doing lasers for.  So, I'll keep this short, in interest of getting it out before it all leaves my head and the next unfolding events take its place in my short term memory.  I started the day early, heading to Universal Studios, the main reason being that I wanted to check out the Terminator 3D show....a little disjointed, but all I have written at this point.  More notes & pix online soon... 

Sept 17th/3:15am..: Life is weird sometimes....but I like it.   ....I'm being distracted right now., that's what happens when you have a TV on while you are trying to write....Anyway, BANDWIDTH is always a problem, whether its net related or what's inside your head that you're trying to get out into the world. This TV movie is cool though ...weird as my attention wanders from the here and now typing these words to the TV, and in between internal thoughts......now a commercial.  ....I have many friends and business contacts in advertising related business and I've always thought about straying into it myself, with a subliminal tip, but, what gets me is that its astounding how long commercials are here in Canada.  I wish I had a stopwatch, ......almost mini infomercials.  AAARGH....it's weird how a well done film sucks you right in....  
windows open @ the moment:
I plan to integrate and associate related content to my site shortly, however, much of what I plan seems to get a little put off, as there is so much to do of late.   Which leads me to feel a little guilty...so much I want to do with this site, wonders to tell you all of, sights to show, ideas to propel you to new creative levels, and yet I am so busy with so many things, that lately I don't seem to be getting much web work done.  

In the past 10 years I've had access to TV reception approx 2 years.  by choice...as "wired" as I may be, sometimes its nice to take a break and get away from it all.  Cancel your phone service, and cells, don't check your email, travel to a far off land or head into that little house in the woods and spend a little bit of time with yourself.  Right now I'm not in that idyllic place, at won't be for some time, but in our info age society, it's nice to take a break now and then.  And that's the weird thing about my life, and this business, at least the performance/dj/vj side of things is that it sweeps you into a frenetic rhythm where the music sometimes just wont stop thumping inside your head.  I'm working to find a balance, but it's a hard job...   to play.

Curious thing.  The alley behind the building where I live, has over a dozen ccd's (video cameras) tied into a network that allows appropriate viewers to logon and view alley activity.  

Sept18/00:  I deliver a local rave mag called TRIBE to downtown Toronto where I live. I usually use my van, but while it was in the shop for a while, I had to use a rental car.  Rather than returning the car I had at the time (a few months ago) for a van, I stuffed it full of boxes of magazines.  Here's the funny pix!

LateSept:   I'm working away on getting the white light laser up and running for a show on the 29th... a bit tricky... many high amperage cables and crazy plumbing gear....so I'm a little busy, but doing a bit of site updates here and there...

Early December
:   About two years ago, I went to San Francisco with the intention of moving there.  I had a problem with my wisdom tooth, and had to fly back to Toronto, to deal with it.  They fixed my problem, but could not remove the tooth, and said to wait at least 6 months when there would be no potential of complications.  Well, I kinda forgot about it, as it wasn't hurting me or anything.  Then in early December 2000, it started swelling, and I felt a bit weird.  I went to the hospital, they gave me some sort of shot, and the next thing I remember aside from partial drugged out glimpses of reality, is waking up 1 week later with several back teeth missing, and was told I had a near brush with death.  I guess I developed some sort of infection that was draining poison into my system.  Anyway, it took me a while to fully recover, but I'm back on track!

Jan 2001:  As you'll likely read in the PsyberSchool section, I sold my beloved house just after New Year's, to the director/co-producer of the TV series LEXX.  This is a picture I took from my belltower in the summer of 2000, my last extended time spent there.

July 12/01:  I think I have a lot more energy in the summer, and things tend to slow down a bit more in the winter.  Maybe it's one of those seasonal affective disorder (not enough sunlight) things, but who knows.  For whatever reason, I haven't added anything to my diary until now.  But then again for me, motivation to write journal related stuff comes in spurts, whether separated by days or years.  I'll be adding a lot here shortly, and updating this page with related pictures as well.  And I'm going to backdate a couple of entries, adding some entries in chronologically. 

I found a mouse in a box on the subway last fall, perhaps someone's forgotten snake food?  So I decided to take him back to the studio.  To this day, he's quite happy - and seems pretty smart too!

News: August 28th - I've just bought a 2200 ANSI lumen video projector - yay!  IDance is also this weekend, they had 16,000 people last year, likely more this year.  I'm also reorganizing the file structures of the AVJ Loop CDR series, & have been receiving lots more user CDR submissions lately.  Keep 'em coming - Thanks lately to Addictive TV (2 DVD's), LockJaw, MAZ, & Drop Visuals...I'm also experimenting with auto-Japanese translation for the site...more soon

Aug29/01: 311 pm, I wake up.  stone cold.  I just had one of the most stunningly real nightmares I have ever had.  More like a reality-mare. The last time I can remember having a nightmare in my life was seriously like 12 years ago..... Friends leaving - Far away friends - in church, some play mixed with weirdness. I arrive slightly late? What? I'm in it? I don't know my lines! - motivation/responsibility/guilt watching - myself fail to be who I know I can - watching friends drag themselves deeper down increasingly scary paths -326 still stunned, whereas by now, most dreams have faded, I am still in shock on how things might still come to pass. in progress, moment by moment...

Oct 5/01: I live across the street from Allan Gardens Conservatory, and for some reason, haven't visited for several years.  I went the other day, and must admit, it was a lot of fun!  Check out their site if you like flowers, exotic plants & cacti.  

I'm heading to Barcelona Oct 16th to 25th to give a workshop at the Videa Festival, and hang out and trade ideas with other video artists, so if you're in Europe, consider coming, this looks like a really cool event.

Dec 17/01: I haven't updated this for ages, been so occupied with other things... I figured I might as well begin to copy in some of my daily updates from my rootmenu page, so here we go.  Today: I'm pleased to announce we'll now be selling previously impossible to obtain VJ software, thanks to recent agreements with developers.   Also, come Jan 1st, we'll have a new series of hi-rez VJ Loops with royalties going to the creators.  -  The other night I got a little drunk and registered a few new domain names impulsively, one of which, DJVJ.com, will be a new community driven site based on PHP, that will also be integrated into AudioVisualizers. 


July 6/02: I'm gonna insert my & some of Erin's South America Trip Diary in here soon, but for now figured I'd start writing my diary again, as it's almost like a ToDo list for me to look back and keep track of all the kooky stuff that's going on in my life.

First off, windows that I currently have open if you care: high speed VJ Loop Server hosting possibility - CSRSS bug

ok, I'm gonna start copying my paper scribbled notes to here for my todo list:

-find some sort of affiliate program software that allows me to generate a small percentage commission income to help pay for growing site related expenses through sales of VJ software that is hot linked through my site.  I'm gonna get out of selling VJ software soon... or just carry special items from developer friends.  

-...newsflash brainthought...I think I have to sit down and have a long talk with my longtime friend & business partner shannon, who for the purposes of you reading this is actually my business partner in our parent company: PsyberCity Inc. but is we're really not doing business together anymore, as we have our own things on the go, but we may be again, if we can bring Jilt onboard to help us out on a mutually agreeable development idea. 

-call the soak people in Japan, and fly over there to discuss plans for licensing content.

July 7/02: I was thinking of moving my diary to my community page, but I think for now I'm gonna keep it here for my personal thoughts...and there for technical and otherwise remotely updated entries.  

Open window at the moment: Apple Media BlacklistingeBay Server soft

update resume:   (it all about ego right? - I've got an 11 year old video to digitize and post on that subject...)

just think of me as your filter.   I do my best.   but who knows...I think I need to go to talk with Tony.

July 13/02: Like most of you, I receive way too many goofy virus attachments than a person should have to reasonably deal with.  But a few days ago, I got a lovely msg sent to our cdrs dept. from IMOQ with a .mid (midi?) payload attachment.  I run WinXP Pro on my laptop, and was a bit surprised to see it autolaunch WMP, and attempt to deploy it's spyware.  Now I admit I'm still learning about network security, dog knows I can't keep on top of everything, but luckily I keep current with Microsoft's online updates, and suggest you do too, if you use any of their OS's.  Info on the WMP issue can be found here and here.

Jilt has been very helpful with writing code for our community site lately, and I feel bad that I can't afford to pay him anything for his efforts at the moment, so I've decided to write him into my will (not that I have any plan on leaving this earthly plane any time soon of course :) but why not...I don't have a will, so I might as well make one out over the next few days and put it online, that way, all of you can be witnesses, so there won't be any disputes down the road.

Oh, I've been meaning to write back to Laura - she was so wonderful in hosting Erin & I when we visited Colombia, and recently sent me an indirect request for a course/workshop teaching proposal at one of the universities in Bogotá, but honestly, after thinking about it quite a bit over the last 2 weeks or so, I don't think I'm ready to teach for a full month - I've got soooo much on my plate that needs to get done, and I really want to make the TB server project happen so I really have to dedicate all of my resources and time to it right now.  But I love teaching, and really miss it, so that's something I hope to do down the road.  Of course I'd love to go back to Colombia - despite all the political mess that's going on there, it really is a wonderful place.

more soon, lots of crazy stories to tell, but life is very busy right now, so I'll catch you later.

July 22nd: Wow lots of crazy, busy, fun & family stuff going on for me lately.   And with all the craziness, I decided to be kooky and put a video online that I made about 10 years ago, & blasted me off to wherever I find myself now.  So, if you haven't seen it yet, you can download it here - Also, we are having a crazy sale of new content to help fundraise for our new 10Mbps VJ Loop Server connection...also, coming soon: DVD/VCD discman for under $200 and we'll also be releasing content on multi-region DVD/VCD too)...stay tooned...-dave

July 23/02 - 02:27: The past 24 hours have been very productive for me.  Some highlights: 
-dvd minidisc stuff - We will be selling these and other cool products in our online shop soon & converting existing content to DVD and VCD, for optimal cross-platform and worldwide playback compatibility. *We need to hire a conversion expert - if you have knowledge with Media Cleaner and raw CPU power to do stuff in the background while you work at home on other projects, please contact me.  Please note: this will initially be a non-paid position (although I'll be happy to paypal you $$ as I earn it, aside from my basic (media/postage/rent/food/van/business) needs. We are aiming for tools and services to benefit the community as a whole, therefore short term sacrifices may have to be made, but in the long run it should work out for everyone involved. 

-Digital video / CG  artist representation.  Once our TB Loop Server project is finished, this issue will be a moot point, but I have begun inking deals with a select group of talented people to distribute and license their work internationally - more news on that soon...if you are interested in this yourself, please write me.   

-confirmed the shipment of our latest DPSS laser modules - some of these will be built into custom devices, and offered as prizes for our upcoming contest.

-Had a great chat with a local friend of a friend electronics designer who has the most unbelievable audio studio I've ever seen (hopefully he will create a community page for himself)  His past work has included custom electronics for U2, but is currently engaged in a secret audio research project.  

-community/TB server development stuff - my tech updates diary there 

-checked out VJ NixMix's community page, looks great!  - sorry for the current 10 image upload limit, bare with us until the new multimedia gallery code is finished...

-contest2 info soon. - that reminds me, I gotta contact the iCE crew and tell them about our contest.
-maybe I should write to AutoDesk and ask them to sponsor our next contest...

-While viewing our publicly available online webstats (raw logs/tracking info are kept for internal security) - I saw someone visited from this innovative protection firm. (perhaps they would be willing to offer one as a prize in our next upcoming contest?)

gradually filling in my rf-8) based start page - tidbit preview here:

-Got a msg from a friend in LA who claims to be in contact with entities from the other side.  Has she infiltrated our S.A. network?  (her email reprinted here with permission)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Faye Farmer" <>
To: <Mr.E>
Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 9:24 PM
Subject: re: David

The Cosmic Computer Jocks

Some mission control members are in our special computer division.  These members are experts in the art of interdimensional interfacing.  They are this mission's Cosmic Computer Jocks, and they have the capacity to act as the very linkage between the dimensions. This division specializes in the translation of third-dimensional binary computer language into a fifth-dimensional unary linguistic system.  Although any computer expert on this planet will tell you that such a translation is not possible, what they actually mean to say is that they could not do it.  That is why they are not being asked to. We have sent in our own specialists instead.  Another aspect of this division's task is to bring new software to this plane with programs that no one here has dreamed possible.  These programs are fifth-dimensionally designed and apply to every aspect of the transmutational process.  Not only can they unscramble existing confusing, and dysfunctional programs, but they can also realign them with our database which will automatically reprogram them back in the light.  Our computer team is here to disseminate our new software throughout the planetary sphere in preparation for the final dimensional link-up.  Their very bodies are the silicon chips of our computer matrix, and their presence is the keyboard of our system.  They are state-of-the-art hardware and are completely immune to any computer virus as well as very user-friendly.

E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution,an Emergency Remedial Earth Edition, co-created by Mission Control and Zoev Jho, (pp.71-72)

-I think my Nana is like 86 or something?  She's still mentally alert and in good health and spirits, which bodes well for me :)
But she has decided to move to Kingston where my Mom lives, and move into one of those upscale assisted care type places where you live in your own apartment, and they make your food and have nurses & doctors around just in case, and of course they charge you something like $ 3,500 per month for this 1 bedroom apartment privilege.  Such is life I guess...if you can afford it, might as well live well.  -me, well I keep spending my cash on kooky things that will benefit all of you, as it keeps things interesting for me...  I think I've had my business hat on too much today, below follows an email I just sent my mom, in regards to helping my Nana get rid of the belongings that she doesn't want to bring with her across the country.  (She's got a lot of really awesome art books if you are interested) Her condo is also going on the market this week.

Mom: I trust you got my crazy fax! :)  Please advise me on your thoughts as to me going to Vancouver, as my schedule is filling in fast. 
I would require:
-a paid return plane ticket to Vancouver
-paid expenses while I am there (eg: if I really do need to rent a car for a day or something, food, taxis, internet, phone bills)
-a minimum of a 10% net commission on all items sold via ebay (with optional bonus for exceptional performance)
I guarantee:
-the best prices for everything Nana wants to sell - ebay is a worldwide marketplace/auction.
-efficient, friendly service & comfortable facilitation of Nana's needs.
-my ebay feedback from past clients: http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=audiovisualizers
Let me know, as we need to decide on this soon.
Thanks & with love,

-and while I'm on this crazy diary vibe, I get this email
msg from Erin (reprinted without permission :)

----- Original Message -----
From: luxx natura
To: David
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 3:48 AM

a thought before crashing,
and i dont mean to disturb your work-thought-process-onwards!
just projecting some luv vibes in your general direction
cuz i'm lying here thinking about how sweet you are.. ;)

my msg to her:  (in reference to this latest diary entry)

----- Original Message -----
From: Mr. E
To: luxx natura
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 3:57 AM
Subject: Re:

:) I have a surprise for you soon....


her reply:  (again, reprinted without permission ;)

----- Original Message -----
From: luxx natura
To: Mr. E
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 4:01 AM
Subject: Re:

what a surprise, a surprise for me!
whatever could it be????
and a swift lick of the lips..

---------------------hmm....--------Btw, we are planning on moving to Moravia in early 2003.....

-Just had a great chat on the phone with my friend LMR about the the current state of the art in DPSS design technologies, and other crazy research ideas of mine - some of which will actually make it into products that you may already have - thank goodness for firmware updates -heheh.  btw, as a closing note, A plug from one of our sponsors: The Restate REBELLE covetabelle child  (one of which we will be offering as a prize in our soon to be announced next contest. :)

more soon.... got some real work to get to now...

July 25th: About 1/2 the cash I need for the new hi-speed loop server raised with our DVDR fundraising sale - thank you!  Today, I received, straight off the production line in Taipei, a DVD/VCD discman that we will be soon selling ($170) as well as a VCD/SVCD discman ($70) for reviews, which I will be doing later tonight - In addition, we will be soon to distribute a 7 pound 2400 ansi lumen hi-rez DLP/DMD projector from the same manufacturer. Plus, we bumped up the storage capacity of our new server box to 560 GB :)  More news very much later tonight...like the early morning for me :)...stay tooned...-dave

\now I have an urgent top secret call to arms for leopards!

July 30th: OK, it's here: our crazy impulsive 48 hour VJ mix brainwashing contest !!...more news on other site stuff soon...had my nap, peeked at some IPs as I always do, and it gives me ways to improve our current and upcoming services, specifically relating to the TeraByte Loop Server Project.  Some interesting links today are: sohonet / clipstream / & cinesite. - with established synergistic goals.  I'm not sure if I should carry on, on my own with this or seek funding...but it will go onward nonetheless, we are lucky to have a solid team of brilliant community members making this all possible.  Someone like yourself.  :)  ...stay tuned.....-dave

hey, the lasers have just come in!

Aug 1st: Our crazy impulsive 48 hour VJ mix brainwashing contest entry deadline has now closed - 8 entries received - online review/voting tomorrow.  I'm just out the door for a Derrick Carter laser/video thing.  more soon. :) - Some other quick updates: Japan's Hidenori Watanave wrote in from SIGGRAPH2002 where he is giving a chat on his [RhythmForest] project - We will be soon to expand our VJ Agency to hook you up with high profile clients, if you want to send in your demo tape or VCD/DVD, just let me know. - The lasers have just arrived, and are now shipping! - Ton's more, but this is a pretty crazy week for me, so stay tuned! :).....-dave
08/08/02:    I am wondering if I should ask my lawyer to convert (if legally possible) "AudioVisualizers.com Inc." into a non-profit corporation.  As this is essentially what we/I am.  Since I spend every last cent of my money on paying into the community (more servers for different offerings, more bandwidth, more traffic, morph's DSL bill in AUS, m0xie monthly community server bills, etc..) I am starting to wonder, as I sit here broke and oweing my moonster friend money, if it is really worth it.  I think so...so I will continue to struggle.  but please be aware of our current situation, and if you have money in your pocket right now, and would consider sending some our way, I would sincerely appreciate it.  The donate button is on our rootmenu page.  I don't think I'm going to link my diary to the rootmenu, as that is kinda like begging, and I don't want to do that.    Here I sit with tons of work to do, and trying to do it all - but it is fun work I might add. I don't recall that I've been this driven in a while....and Erin is not-mad but encouraging me to stop the verkin and come over for some.. um,m...  funny....just feel like 
continuing to work on stuff at my erratic pace.  EMResearch is going well, I will retire to the lab in approx 6 months for a period of uninterrupted testing.  
Jon S, in AU, if you are listening: I apologize for not writing back about the interview thing, I will write soon...I promise, just as soon as I review my own online diary here to remind me to contact you :).    side note: videomagazine is soon to go live...my kooky klowns are about the city securing sponsorship $ for distribution.

Aug 12th: It seems like I'm busier than ever lately, which is sapping a bit of my time to do web updates here, but I'm onto it.  I've added a new VCD section, and am probably working away behind the scenes as you read this now :)  Other stuff, yet to sort: Arkaos VJ 2.2 released, -Winner of our 48 hour VJ mix brainwashing contest!  -Motion Dive 3 back in stock.  -Soon to come review of the new iMagic VJ software....stay tuned!.......-dave

Sept 23rd....where has all the time gone...I really should keep track, and write it down here more often, lest I forget and then wonder....

excerpt from recent email:

> Hello.  It just arrived!!!  Thanks!!!!  Customs held it up.  The package was
> open and then re-sealed by customs.  I hope they enjoyed the footage!
I wonder what kind of job it is to be a customs person.....opening packages, watching movies, to make sure there is no "inappropriate" material on them?  Get this... I was just at FedEx the other day shipping something, and the lady beside me was shipping some television footage, and they made her fill out a special form that I have never seen before.  It was a Video Declaration, and I wish I had gotten a better look at it, but it included such terms as "this film does not contain any material to promote insurrection against the USA, etc...." ....weird....I guess they're paranoid. 

Umm, what else?  hmm, life is good, I am moving into my new place on Oct 1st, then will concentrate on my EM research, Pangolin training, and prepare to move to far away sometime soon...any one else doing any hyper-dimensional interfacing? - I will add info on this to the madlab in the near future, unless of course one of my experiments goes awry...

Oct 17
Oct 19/Saturday:
Oct 20/Sunday: I think I could do way better, some of my research from approx 15 years ago.....but you focus on what's right for you right uncle?
Oct 21/Monday:
Oct 22/Tuesday:

Oct 22:2:22am...ok...its actually 544:) Wow you gotta listen to this mind uploading bit..I will fill in the blanks later.  I'm not sure how I should comment on the past, but rest assured, I will ponder this, and input with mpeg1 into my diary shortly.... Thanks to LEESAW who came by in person to drop a disc of DV Loops and chat, and hey MUD, we will scubography soon!......-dave

Oct 22: 11:22 PM EST: at least as I start to write this, don't know where the clock will digitally click to by the next key...
It was weird reading the news about the sniper stuff....

from CNN

"I don't know that I've ever encountered anyone with [such a] rich and elaborate fantasy world as Thomas Lee Dillon had. And, almost invariably, they were fantasies of unlimited influence, power, control," said forensic psychologist Jeffrey Smalldon.

.....But when all of that couldn't create the thrill Dillon needed, he moved on to his ultimate control fantasy....

The past few days have been strange.  Last week Mr. J (from Contest #2) calls me up and asks for some storm footage...I say sure I'll go look.  Kudo's out to Rick/VideoTechno.com for some great stuff there...he asked me for the same, and now I end up grabbing from him, along with other sources.  Anyway, I dunno where to begin all this...it's so crazy...ok...
rereading wired article - says: Caroline Hoste of Music2Productions, a worldwide management and booking agency based in Vancouver.
"(Squaresquare) are the cutting edge," she said. "When I saw their stuff kick off in New York, I wanted them to do all the stuff for my clients."

..."I think they're phenomenal," - "Watching the crowd respond to the visuals as well as the music makes it the ultimate musical experience."

Hoste said she'd been to clubs all over the world and has only seen one other act – the Morpheus Project of Vancouver – to match them.
Wednesday: go over to Mr. J's to dub the Morpheus Project's mini-DV tapes to DVD.   Apparently Mr. J has signed a contract saying he won't make extra copies of these tapes, and out of respect I won't show you a sample, even as reporting on the subject - I guess you'll have to see them live ;) (footnote: forward to where did that tape come from-2)  I'm not sure if I have bias or not as to what makes good visuals.... trippy but not so, will cut it with the "in" crowd.   

Monday: finish editing ciclon visuals in Final Cut Pro 3....partial MPEG-1 clip/prior to final revision 
(save to HD to watch/not streaming) -

(footnote: where did that tape come from-2)
Many years ago I did a show with some good friends at the Guvernment nightclub - one of Toronto's largest nightclub complexes. This was a very special event featuring a live performance by the Japanese Kodo Drummer troupe.  At the time, Mr.J was working there, and in charge of booking DJ´s, and other technical stuff.  Since they had their own video projectors there, we were trying to figure out how to hook into them, as they were ceiling mounted, and we didn't have a sciscor lift.  Mr.J wasn't very helpful, in fact it seemed like he was intentionally trying to sabotauge our efforts, and time to the party was running short.  He finally admitted that the signals were routed through his office, and showed us how to patch in.  

We get the visuals up and running, and various friends VJ under the AV guise, and low and behold, what happens¿¿¿  It appears Mr.J has decided to super-impose his logo (UnderGroundTV) over our visuals via the router and mixer in his office.  Needless to say, we weren't very happy, and at that point, I decided not to work with him again...It's been a good 5 years since then, and as I'm a forgiving person, I thought I'd give him another chance... more on this thread soon....

I've been learning a lot more about online security lately...more news on that soon too...

open windows at the moment: ALT ..LOG ANALYSIS.LOG2....VC.peek....last referers: YOW

Tom never wanted to be a footnote

Oct 25: I had a lengthy chat with Tony from The Morpheus Project last night, they're headlining ACASoundFest in early November with V2/TekMud will be there too, as well potentially Pixylight.  I'll be writing an article on dealing with the devil inside sponsorship and tempering it with the light of making positive changes in the world shortly.  -  I was thinking of heading off to ISEA2002 this weekend, but after some careful thought I've resigned myself to locking myself up in the studio and getting current projects in order - There's so much new and exciting stuff to tell, just on the verge of completion - so I will work on that, and update you soon, perhaps I'll thank myself in the long run...My recent move has thrown my organization a bit out of whack, so I'm gonna try and focus for a bit, then go globetrotting later.  Stay tuned - thanks for your patience with my kooky mindstate.....-dave

I am going to go and take more spanish lessons soon....I've mapped my keyboard to somewhere I'll be visiting again soon....that's the problem with travelling and internet cafes, weird keyboard mappings and languages...I might as well start learning again....

Ñext event: Nov 2nd: www.darkrave.com in association with www.blacklightactivists.ca 

I went to city hall today to transfer my parking permit...will tell funny boundry story soon.....picked up applications for sign variance, reminder to self. call David
McKilloe@City Hall 416 392 1317 to discuss new video/laser projection artsignage, variance to signage laws.
on a related tip...
Examine the party issues yourself & Download to your HD-not streaming: 75 megs, 7 minute MPEG1 multi-platform Public Service Announcement from the Party People Project. which is something in Toronto's past and present that is draws ties to the USAs controversial S. 2633, the "RAVE Act." which was recently nixed...partial thanks to: senator@feinstein.senate.gov and the rest of the community.

Oct 30th: I'm going a little bonkers at my new location with all the late night sirens...It's also frustrating lately dealing with all the behind the scenes stuff for business...accounting, taxes, customs, cash flow, etc.  I'm trying to pull it all together but it always seems like I am treading water...oh well, keep working away at it...most of my work is fun work...so I guess I should consider myself lucky that I haven't had to work for someone else for the past 10 years I've been doing visuals and related kooky ventures.  I'm currently working on filtering and compiling our new community loop exchange releases - recent thanks to Deep Visual & Illectric for their outstanding contributions - Do you want to send something in?  I've got lots of new stuff to add here, but there is only so much time in the day....I think I will start attending Erin's yoga studio and explore there in-between it all.....back soon¿....-dave

HMM....I am reading my own diary, and starting to wonder...is this all secretly some big ego gratification thing for me?  My life has changed much in the past 2 or 3 years since I started this site/diary/folio, and I had kinda hoped it wouldn't fall into this weird confabulation of juxtaposed goals....but I'm starting to wonder lately...what is it exactly I am trying to do here?  

ps:> darkrave went off well, and I think I'll be doing more visuals in the neighbourhood soon...now that I'm right across the street...saw Greg there who mentioned that Alex Lifeson (of RUSH fame)'s son Adrian that was in the awesome dark trance group Advance44 that was performing live that night.  Speaking of Greg, I've been meaning to write more about everything going on in his realm...but hey..it's all on his site so...what are you awaiting for?   I have my old rackmount back on my desknow...stripped down except the motherboard...I think I'm gonna go and get a decent videocard and actually put the touch VJ soft through the paces myself.  

ok....back sooon....

current open windows: NSA archives - Hassan Sabbah/CIA - HS2 - Subliminal Advertising - EVIDENCE - ebay rights -
(the Sabbah windows spawned from a conversation with a friend about an ancient sect of assassin's who were enlightened to the point, that if captured, they could will their soul into another body....)

Nov 4th: It seems like everything is falling into place with me lately...I'd been wrestling with the presumed evil of advertising related ventures, and also seemed have this idea of "doing it all" for the past few years, as in doing visuals, audio, pyro, lasers, magic, etc...as part of some grand stage show.  This has yet to happen, but maybe someday..;)...For now I'm going to focus on doing what I do best (I still haven't entirely figured it out), and work with a small team of close friends who have many strengths where I have weaknesses.  So...if I get myself down the street sometime today, I'll soon have some great goodies to offer you...I know...the suspense...trust me, it'll be worth the wait.  Kudo's to Deep Visual, VJ Alexandre & D-Vision for their latest offerings, which will be with you soon....-dave

***open windows: secnet release - sadly, not available to you? but, thanks to our new security officer antisniff, we offer you this instead.
hmm...where did that week go?
I can now see time dilation at work via retrospection. 
maybe this partially explains it (from hit counter)

Sun Nov 3 2002: 303
Mon Nov 4 2002: 0
Tue Nov 5 2002: 388
Nov 11th:01:35: I've somehow been hoodwinked into doing an impromptu show tonight with some new york city band called supercollider - tonight will be a grand experiment as we have samplers, sequencers, keyboards, mixers, turntables, toaster, and of course video too.  I have some new gear pix to share soon...plus whatever happens tonight...but I am cautious...as there is much potential here, but without proper preparation it could be diametrical forces at work.  Confusing?¿ I guess so.  Time will tell....and I'll update you soon from deep within this site.
Past life: 1: EJ Decks/contest , ALCHEMY , 3: M2V , 4: Dervish & 5: DPSS Laser Page
quick change the channel, it's addictive....-dave
Nov 11th: 13:47: Christian Vogel was the person that was "supposed to be" at the event I was at last night. Lots of revelations though as I DJ'd for the first time in my life - more news on that tip soon in my diary - for now, check out LEVLHED's press, and chill out.

So much to write here it is whacked out....will do it gradually....

The only time I ever DJ'd before, was in an CDN military bar - I didn't really think it was DJ'ing as it was just essentially playing CD's.  But the catch was that I had to start to learn the music...as in, yes, I admit it, learn country artists...song titles, how to cross reference them from a request to a play.  I was using a mini-disc too, but I wonder why I wasn't using a laptop then...ah yes...military stuff...long story...politics...licensing.

On another note, I was having a brief conversation with a friend about cancer the other day, and it was his belief that all humans are "born with cancer" and that it just manifests itself in different ways throughout our lives...or not...your mind is powerful...think and so it shall be done...but...he was telling me how a recent cancerous tumor that had been removed from a woman, actually had teeth and hair!  I didn't know that was going on!  But then again, there have been documented cases of MPD where personality #1 has a specific disease - eg: tumor/cancer, etc, and personality #X shows a spontaneous remission.

ms; <META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1106" name=XMR>
NS01.ARMY.MIL. (an authoritative nameserver for 6.in-addr.arpa., which is in charge of the reverse DNS for 6.00.2800.1106) says that there are no PTR records for 6.00.2800.1106. To get reverse DNS set up for 6.00.2800.1106, you need to speak to your ISP (or "bandwidth provider"). You could also contact DOMAIN-REQUEST@AIMS7.army.mil., who is in charge of the 6.in-addr.arpa. zone. : = http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/cidr.ch?ip=6.00.2800.1106 

interim comm.av programming deadline passed again... ah well, we save money, deal was we don't pay wages this month if deadline was not met.  but all is good... the moxster is doing an awesome job...so I will shut up and let him do his thing.

TB Server Development coming along well.  Costa Rican holding corp stable....perchance an island in unknown/new country will surface.
financing stable=non existent=community effort

http://www.trw. Port 79.503.09
URL= http://query.nytimes.com/search/abstract?res=F00817F7395F0C748CDDA90994DA404482&fta=y 
FAVICON= http://www.audiovisualizers.com/favicon.ico  what shall the favicon be 4 the TB serv?  any suggestions?  

industry contracts are signed, sealed and delivered because...why?/¿ - because of greed.  fuck greed.   I have more than I need ...no man is an island...
although I shall have one soon enough...just testing the waters...not sure on location for global uprising......I tell you now......it shall appear... a new island shall rise from the sea. - recommended sponsor ;) - currently open windows - terrorbrain - tempoDDS - konspire - ZL6 - DEX - M5 - xL - CDN - JS - p8 - x3 -tV-
copied from my partners diary page:
2002/11/09 10:54 Everyone's doing it, so I'm doing a slightly modified version of saram's poll. I've also seen it on destrss, LexTalonis, and rebekah's pages. The only change I made is making each category five items. Some of the questions imply "grand" answers; I've tried to give a range when possible.

Five Figures That Shaped History


  1. Jesus
  2. Werner von Braun (ie. space travel, satellite technology, etc.)
  3. Abraham Lincoln (his changes to the American nation are directly responsible for both its social problems, and every major world war afterwards)
  4. Paddy Roy Bates (Pirate radio broadcaster who helped set the way for commercial radio, and the man who has singlehandedly kept the small country movement alive)
  5. Matisse (Don't underestimate the impact that movements like Fauvism had)
Five Truly Inspirational Movies


  1. Altered States
  2. The Mosquito Coast
  3. The Last Temptation of Christ
  4. Gattaca
  5. Birdy
Five Inventions Modern Society Couldn't Exist Without


  1. Psychedelic Drugs (many early computer scientists give experimental drug use much of the credit for the radical chain of inventions that brought us to where we are now)
  2. Non-representational democracy
  3. Telecommunications technology
  4. Store and retrieve media systems
  5. Vegan Philosophy (vegan living is the only way we can support billions of people on this planet at a high standard of living)
Five Ground Breaking Musical Artists


  1. Peter Gabriel
  2. Mike Patton
  3. Leon Theremin
  4. David Bowie
  5. Brian Eno
Five Devastating Events


  1. The destruction of Aborigine culture (Which caused the loss of 30,000 years of coherent history, a history dating back at least 25,000 years earlier than any other culture. This is in my opinion one of the most profound losses we've ever faced as a race.)
  2. The Mahabharata war (In which not only a similar amount of history was lost, but in which a level of science similar to our own 20th century science was lost, and the human race was set back 5,000 years)
  3. The burning of the Mayan Libraries by Bishop De Landa (In which almost all history and science of South America, including records of the destruction of previous cultures, was lost)
  4. The asteroid strike of 8000 BC (At which point we moved from being an advanced society back into pre-history)
  5. The invention and popularization of monotheism
Five Books Everyone Should Read


  1. The Good Life (by Scott Nearing, the definitive "back-to-the-land" book)
  2. The Real Lincoln (the most history-shattering book an American can read, and impeccably well documented and researched)
  3. Stupid White Men (radikal thinking made easy)
  4. The Food Revolution (hard numbers making a case for responsible eating, without any moralizing)
  5. The Bible (it defines the dominant culture of the planet)

prowess helical guerrilla altruistically entities 

recording industry possibilities discussion window.
Nov 12th: One of my longtime colleagues: Richard and I are working on writing some rough scripts for a TV series that is currently in production.  Dunno if I should say what it is called, but the current episode filming ( all in HD ) takes place under Antarctica where a pyramid has been discovered, and many governments are hot on the trail of our intrepid adventurers - here's a hint: it's in this list.  We're sketching out some Quantum Teleportation theories, channeled by my good friend Matt, who along with Eric and his strangelet and superstring treatments, will be joining us for an evening of brainstorming and screenwriting tonight with luck.
With luck, KMC from CBC will join us soon too.

If you want to see how I have been wasting a good 10 minutes of my life each day in a text on the net adventure game, visit Warriors 2 & if you read can read sweedish, please see this recent article about the game. When I go to the country today, I am going to talk with my partner about incorporating some explorational gaming related features into some our our software design akin to our old telecom soft. 

my egroups for those that are interested: 
1 million $?

  Pending Pending      
0 0
0 0


I think I will leave it there for now.  Interesting how MSN seemed to censor my tritium story...I guess with the way the world it is today, nobody really know's who's who, and what's what...  I think I'll just work on art for now...art is not work...play is today.                           

stockwatch: encana - webdesign I like: AEC, now if I could just take the time to learn flash...hmm, maybe some of the DGR can help open my eyes. - 
software design probe - theatre reminders

Nov 13: Thx to EO for the expected arrival of the current VJTV episode - with luck, our local community TV station will accept our proposal, and VJTV will come to Canada! :) - Whoot! - Customs lost my last shipment, but 3 copies of MD3 came in today, with more exclusive new Japanese soft on the way soon.  Also today: I'm grabbing more lasers, shipping loops to kind contributors, going through a seemingly exponential stack of pleasant emails, and trying to add in a few things in between then.  Today we are off to the country for a 1 day break from the city.

I am about to plug in my digicam and upload some photos of last weeks grand sound experiment.  bear with me...
speaking of which...it was weird to take a break and get lost in the maze of the club, only to find my 5 year old visuals playing from a tape that kinda looked like it had been remixed with other work-cool work btw (mr.j) ...I sat around for a while near the Jacuzzi bar, staring into the screens.

ok, I uploaded the photos to my community page

information: the most probable cause - remix this - 4 infosniff - WS - Schedule: Dec 7th DGR / Nightmare & Dec 14th: w/murph: HullaBalloo (I hope ;)

finally leaving 4 the country now......

Nov 15th, 12:38 AM: Back in Black...speaking of which, with my new colour scheme, (hyperlinks=red , visited link=black, active link=yellow) I have noticed that as I copy and paste in my rootmenu intro boxes, which have a black background, that as a visitor (you, or me) visits the link, then comes back to this page, it disappears, I kinda like that... fading into oblivion.     Perhaps I will make all my pages self destructive... ;)  as you view them, they disappear.  Or more fun, would to add the recently introduced entagler sourceforge project ;)

[interlude by erin]
I love erin I love erin I love erin

she is the greatest person in my entire universe, I have never met any one as great as her on this galactic mission of mine

she is here to help me and guide me and love me, and write herself into my diary, but I don't mind so much, because she is the world to me too
[I am now back]

reminder to self: tell story of titanium notebook security setup.
open win: corpwatch - ads in visuals - DV7 - MSN uncert - MSN TOU - ultrashock - dynamix - solar loops - the big one: ong's hat - part 1 - kimble mulez
plus: ...my partner started his own religion once...then...after a chat with a good friend decided to shut it down....it now goes on with out him, but I see our MSN/IMC friends have their own ideas.  Perchance I shall start a very special research group.  If you care to join, please write.

hackattack remix clip (30 meg .avi, download it) - wondering who's who: 181.91.212.in-addr.arpa  - npasse02.telenet-ops.be
I think the story shall have to lead to diary #2......(s00n)