PROSE & PIX - slightly unsorted, soon to finish...


If you're so inclined, the you can peruse the following prose I wrote in times past during half-awake lucidity, touch-typing away, without entirely knowing what I was writing. It allows you an unedited glipse into my unconscious state of mind - at the time. All items were written from 1994 to 1995.

Poetry Introduction for the CD
Track Layout
Listening Preface

Georgia 01
Georgia 02
Georgia 03
Georgia 04
Georgia 05
Georgia 06
Georgia 07
Thoughts 01
Solid Thought Parallax
Flying 01
Mind Light
New Hopes
Psychotica / DG
X Squared
Tears Again
x4 TreeHouse
L 01
L 02
Waking 4 L 03
Truth Without Proof
Island 01
Going Home
Coming to Pass
Time will Tell
Unity brings Hope
It Happened Again!
Free 01
Oooh Two
Ghost Ring
Gondala 233
Almost Halloween
Fuck Love
Not Love
On Hold
The Time has and will Come Again

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