I'm not exactly looking for a job, and truthfully, I haven't used a resume in almost 10 years, but I thought I'd put it online anyway.  I've always had curiosities about moving to Japan though, so if you're hiring.... 

David Eagan 

Career Objective: Research & Development of hardware & software in
the Human Interface Technology & Computer Mediated
 Communications field.

Work History

2000-02 VP Community Relations, Inc.

1994-02 VP Strategic Research,  PsyberCity Inc, (co-founder) specialized custom telecommunications,
and security software. Also assigned to AudioVisualizers division, 
producing interactive laser & video shows for entertainment events. 

1993/94 Graduate Research Coordinator: Math & Stats Dept, York University

92 Alias Research, R&D Department gopher.

90/91 Summer Employment - Sears/IBM: assigned to data security division.

Related School Experience

Interdisciplinary Individualized Studies, York University:

92/93 York: 4330, Machine Mediated Communication: CD-ROM design &
4090, Honors Research: R&D into telecommunications system
design & integration.
93/94 4340, Communications Field Experience: Co-Op for the
Computing & Communication Information Systems Dept at YorkU.
3050, Interdisciplinary Art: Produced an interactive, 3D 1st
person POV multisensory video installation.

Other Skills

I have a diverse range of aptitudes ranging in areas from video
production to lecturing. I adapt well to new situations & am quite eager
to expand my knowledge & gain more experience in technology related fields.

Leisure Interests

I tend to blend many talent fields but generally most hobbies related to 
perceptual research and display, from virtual reality to neuropsychological
hardware development. In the last ten years I have performed at clubs,
raves and other public forums with much of my psyber gear doing real-time
video mixing and laser projections. I also spend much time in the desktop
video realm, & spend much time between the camera & the computer on things
from rendering & morphing to fractal music exploration. I'm also actively maintaining
a website dedicated to Video Performance Art, at:

Employer, personal & client references available on request.