Future Work


In the future, I hope to do an installation with S.Q.U.I.D. technology (Super-conducting QUantum Interference Device) - neurological installations...bioelectromagnetic induction....details to follow..

Some brain imaging freeware that I've found helpful, as well as further technical info can be found at: http://www.liv.ac.uk/mariarc/mri3dX/mri3dX_download.html

Useful links: DARPApsyche - maacc - chalmers 

A brief summary of my future plans: (this will perhaps sound a little crazy until you do a little research at some of the above links to verify feasibility)

In the past, I produced synchronized visuals to other peoples music (I still do this in fact).  I have been gradually transitioning myself to do real-time audio and visual live performance where I create both the music and visuals from mesh abstract forms and preconceived looped a/v samples.  In my teens, I was very much into esoteric human interface electronic consciousness alteration technology design, and although I've left this realm for quite some time, hope to integrate it into my performances in the near future.  This will provide for a degree of interactivity for others, blurring the line between performer and audience. (more on this soon in other sections).

Think of the bass bins on stage...they are TRANSDUCERS.  In this case taking an electrical signal and translating it into an acoustic one.  Research has shown that we are able to perceive sound without ears (eg: the deaf hearing through bone conduction or modulated microwave transmissions.) And we are able to perceive visual imagery without opening our eyes (eg: simple phosphenes or by stimulation of the optic nerve or specific regions of the brain)  Science is gradually bringing together a merger of technology and biology.  Instead of direct electrical stimulation of the brain, SQUID technology has allowed researchers to gradually start mapping out human consciousness in a non-evasive manner.  Although typical devices are designed to encompass the head with an array of sensors, there have been experiments with longer range devices used to broadcast from afar, to effect subjects within a several hundred feet distance.  Imagine, another bass bin looking cabinet on stage, but this one contains transducer arrays designed to broadcast not an audible sound, but an electromagnetic field.   These complex computer generated waves may give us the ability to DJ another person's head if you will.

I have been experimenting with forefront technologies for some time now, and although synchronized binaural sound and 3D visuals are quite amazing, gradually bringing closer a truly synesthesic experience, I believe the future of entertainment and consciousness alteration lends itself to the use of bioelectromagnetic neural interfacing technology.  

Anyway, I'll write more again later, if you are interested in my research in this field, or have something to suggest or contribute, please contact me.  Thanks for reading!

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