There are plenty of different galleries scattered throughout my site, this one is a little underdeveloped at the moment.  Please also check out: The VJ Gear Gallery, my personal photo album, and of course, explore for more!  Over the next month or so I plan to scan in & shoot a lot more photos, so I can beef this section up properly.

In early 1999, I bought a used van to use for shows and my pinball business.  It had a hydraulic lift, extended end and ceiling, so was just what I needed! Here's some pix from our first show with it at Groove Disciples show in Ottawa, CANADA, 05/29/99. We put two projectors and a mix station in the main warehouse, and parked the van outside, and lowered the lift to create a portable mix console, then put my Sharp projector on the roof along with an Epson 2100 lumen, 5 pound beauty and projected dual screens on the outside wall of the warehouse for the chill area.
Although I had some spectacular travels with the big van, I have now changed over to a Plymouth Voyager, which is smaller, but a lot newer and more reliable.  

If you've got decent bandwidth, you can download one of my first videos: "PsyberFlight" that got me started in this crazy field.
File is 200 megs, MPEG-1 format, 320x240, 18 minutes.

I'm going to put a lot more videos online in the near future.