History  (page in recontruction)

We've done over 250 shows in the past 10 years in cities throughout North America, although mainly in Toronto, ON, CANADA, where we're based.

Some of the Toronto Rave companies who've booked us:

-Atlantis -Alien Visitation -Aqua
-Building Blocks -Beta -Better Days
-Destiny -Dose -Delerium -DarkRave
-E Network -Eros -F3   
-HullaBallo -Happy Face
-Infinity -In Your Face
-Liquid Adrenaline
-MDMA -Module -Madness
-Nitrous -Natural Selections
-Pleasure Force -Phryl
-Renegades -Resistor -Resonance 
-Syrous -SIN -SlipStream -Subb
-Sykosis -Trancendance -THR
-Vibe Tribe -Vision

Out of town promoters:
-Eclipse & -Groove Disciples (Ottawa)
-more in Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, Barrie & Halifax - I forget the names

Union Rate Card - Rough Draft  (pricing in CDN )

  Sunday to Friday Saturday Night
Live Video Mixing (infinite mind warping visuals to beat)  (minimum purchase, 10 hour block, $50/hour $50 $60
Live Remote Camera (like a psychedelic electric circus)   (minimum 4 hour block of time purchase)   $30 CDN per hour, minimum 4 hour block of time purchase
Lasers: We work with LMR from LaserFX - We used to have our own large colour laser but it proved more trouble than it was worth, being at the time I was essentially a one man show.  I have now become AWARE of the value of TEAMWORK.  

 200 mw computer controlled green. (w/dedicated operator - minimum 6 hour block purchase)
$100 per hour from Sunday to Friday, $125 for Saturdays

* Please note, the above rates are subject to change without notice, and will also be dependent on equipment and operator availability.  Book early to avoid disappointments.  Pricing higher for special events / holidays (eg: new year's eve)   All pricing in Canadian Funds, please contact our agent (Ryan @ Plastikwrap) for foreign bookings.

Services Offered:
-Single or Full Color Lasers (to music, or comp control)
-Pyrotechnics (licensed by government, safe but crazy!)
-Mind Machines (gives user fractal Hallucination w/o drugs)
-Interactive Installations (bridge between art & science)
-Full Video Production Services (promo, ads, music vids)
-Misc Esoteric Services (many specialties-just ask!)

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