PsyberCity, Inc. is our parent company which was founded in 1992 by myself and my business partner who I met in Interdisciplinary art class at York University. We left university together to forge ahead creating innovative custom telecommunication software for the pay-per-call industry. Today, 7 years later, PsyberCity has become our main umbrella company, through which we operate many different business ventures between us. They comprise of:
-The operation of a large subscription based website catering itself toward the tattooing and body piercing community:
-Associated print, cd-rom, video and limited-run clothing sales.
-Yearly conferences, articles for magazines, & still and video licensing to a wide global assortment of magazines, TV-shows and feature films.
-A related medical supply company, providing tools, anesthetics, and other items: 
-Arcade operation, placement of games in local establishments, & sales to the home aftermarket:
-Laser, Video & Pyro shows & installations for clubs, raves, concerts & corporate events:
-Consulting and custom development - Our main corporate homepage:  

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