This page isn't finished yet, and is currently a bit scattered, but anyway....

Briefly: PsyberFlight is an 3D Interactive installation I created in university, approx 1994.

Brief History: The original prototype was designed for multiplexed HMD 3D display,
but this was scaled back to a projected and television based version as I didn't have
enough HMD's. The installation was able to be controlled via internet and touch-tone
telephone, and could be permanently modified remotely. Every time you watched the piece
it changed, so you would likely be a passenger initially, and then another time round get a
chance to be the pilot, and choose the course of the piece.
    Scanned Notes from original pre-piece sketches:

If you have a fast connection, you can watch the
75 meg (20 minute) streaming .mpg PsyberFlight video, 
right now online! 8) - or save to your HD to watch later.

Check it out here.

Premise: "Some people are drug addicts...I'm a technology addict"
Use VideoToaster, and "burn" the toast. Footage of tech/stuff,
and other, toasted to trippy/drug like sequences to push point of
merger between biology and technology, Psyber, etc

Sub Matter: Elements of control, big-brother, domination, power, etc

Current Edit - Script Timing

Counting 00:00:00:00 as first fade in of sony camcorder.

Places with " * ", have sound, don't overwrite.
Places with " (add?) ", may have video inserted into them.
Places with " - " at the beginning of the # indicate that some audio
has been thought of for this sequence. If there is a " - " at the end
as well, or at all, this means that no more audio is needed here.

# Start End Seq Length Seq Description

-A1- 00:00:00 to 00:08:20 , 00:08:20 -=> Sony Camcorder, POV
A2- 00:08:20 to 00:41:09 , 00:32:19 -=> Me w/fx talking, *
-A3- 00:41:09 to 01:12:07 , 00:30:28 -=> 1st Coaster (up), ?*
A4 01:12:07 to 01:46:23 , 00:34:16 -=> Hand FB w/words, tunnel *
A5- 01:46:23 to 01:46:27 , 00:00:04 -=> "LOVE" flash in
A6 01:46:27 to 01:57:18 , 00:10:21 -=> More of A4 *
-A7- 01:57:18 to 02:01:00 , 00:03:12 -=> Egg, clock
-A8- 02:01:00 to 02:04:17 , 00:03:17 -=> Brain, man
-A9- 02:04:17 to 02:11:04 , 00:06:17 -=> Plasma ripples

B1- 02:11:04 to 02:35:16 , 00:24:12 -=> 2cd Coaster, w/camera FX*
B2 02:35:16 to 02:36:23 , 00:01:07 -=> Gold FB swirls
B3 02:26:23 to 02:42:16 , 00:05:23 -=> Cool FB
B4 02:42:16 to 02:43:15 , 00:00:29 -=> Quick moiré pattern
B5 02:43:15 to 03:05:16 , 00:22:01 -=> EM fields, circular (add?)
-B6- 03:05:16 to 03:10:29 , 00:05:13 -=> Brainwaves flash
B7 03:10:29 to 03:11:01 , 00:00:02 -=> "8" flash in, (add?)
B8- 03:11:01 to 03:33:15 , 00:22:14 -=> 3rd Coaster *
B9 03:33:15 to 03:35:21 , 00:02:06 -=> Fortress POV FB stuff

C1 03:35:21 to 03:40:18 , 00:04:27 -=> My flashing FB
C2 03:40:18 to 04:10:28 , 00:30:10 -=> Circles of FB w/FX
C3- 04:10:28 to 04:18:21 , 00:07:23 -=> 4th Coaster, wormhole *
C4 04:18:21 to 04:20:07 , 00:01:16 -=> NC "delete" w/FX
C5 04:20:07 to 04:34:28 , 00:14:21 -=> York fountain w/FX
-C6- 04:34:28 to 04:35:29 , 00:01:01 -=> Call Police 911, add DTMF?
C7 04:35:29 to 04:36:29 , 00:01:00 -=> Rapid coaster insert
C8 04:36:29 to 04:38:02 , 00:01:03 -=> Rapid alien faces insert
C9 04:38:02 to 04:50:01 , 00:11:29 -=> Canyon w/FB &fx,1:cyclingc

D1 04:50:01 to 04:53:23 , 00:03:22 -=> Canyon, 2:Black & White
D2 04:53:23 to 04:59:17 , 00:05:24 -=> Canyon, 3:Soft Rainbow
D3 04:59:17 to 05:04:22 , 00:05:05 -=> Canyon, 4:Black & White 2
D4 05:04:22 to 05:10:22 , 00:06:00 -=> Canyon, 5:Rainbow Bands
D5- 05:10:22 to 05:29:25 , 00:19:03 -=> 5th Coaster, window inset*
D6 05:29:25 to 05:31:25 , 00:02:00 -=> Holy bible spin
D7 05:31:25 to 05:48:19 , 00:16:24 -=> My head, w/H20 drink
D8 05:48:19 to 06:02:20 , 00:14:01 -=> "Egg" Flashing FB, w/fx
D9 06:02:20 to 06:10:21 , 00:08:01 -=> Pour H20, face flash, *

E1- 06:10:21 to 06:54:27 , 00:44:06 -=> 6th Coaster, w/maelstrom *
E2 06:54:27 to 09:14:29 , 02:20:02 -=> Record Spin FB, w/words
E3 09:14:29 to 09:16:12 , 00:01:13 -=> Figure Skaters
E4 09:16:12 to 09:27:05 , 00:10:23 -=> Cube,puzzle,3-D house
E5 09:27:05 to 11:10:29 , 01:43:24 -=> Autodesk graphics, w/words
E6 11:10:29 to 11:24:04 , 00:13:05 -=> Fractal Gara
-E7- 11:24:04 to 11:32:09 , 00:08:05 -=> Camera & abstract
-E8- 11:32:09 to 11:38:09 , 00:06:00 -=> Robot w/circle warp
-E9- 11:38:09 to 11:42:03 , 00:03:24 -=> Oval of static w/fx

-F1- 11:42:03 to 11:46:05 , 00:04:02 -=> Acid wormhole, jap bkgrnd
-F2- 11:46:05 to 11:53:24 , 00:07:19 -=> Fake film end, morph w/fx
F3 11:53:24 to 11:56:20 , 00:02:26 -=> Drive to format? w/gold
F4- 11:56:20 to 11:57:02 , 00:00:12 -=> Acid clock
F5 11:57:02 to 12:03:00 , 00:05:28 -=> Headcandy w/fx
F6 12:03:00 to 12:14:14 , 00:11:14 -=> Cool FB w/Caleb painting
F7 12:14:14 to 12:32:16 , 00:18:02 -=> B&W & color FB, /wires
F8 12:32:16 to 12:39:25 , 00:07:09 -=> Hand B&W moiré FB,w/color
F9- 12:39:25 to 13:27:26 , 00:48:01 -=> 7th & last Coaster w/FX *

-G1 13:27:26 to 15:49:09 , 02:21:13 -=> Last FB sequence (hidden words)
G2- 15:49:09 to 16:03:09 , 00:14:00 -=> Comp shutdown, w/FB & fx *
G3 16:03:09 to 17:04:00 , 01:00:00ish-=> Closing Credits

3D Ideas for Installation

Project with two LCD projectors ..could be two different videos
then polarize the two outputs, each different, and the patron wears
corresponding polarized (& diffraction grated? heheh) glasses to give each
eye the corresponding left or right video image, thus video.
Traditionally this would be to give a 3-D view of essentially the same
image, but I may choose to use two completely different source., in effect
two different videos, with one eye seeing each, & the brain merging them
into one video. Then with binaural sound & cross flanging, etc soundtracks
can mix & bounce back & forth. As we know the left eye feeds the right
brain & vice-versa, so we can take advantage of this & feed specific
imagery & text to each specific side of the brain by projecting with the
appropriate video projector.

3-D TechDrug Switching

Normal: Two slightly different perspectives to give depth of field.

Mine: Two totally different videos, combine visu-binaurally in mind.

How: Co-pilot has AB switcher. Either main vid is always on A & sometimes
on B when they switch B between main video & secondary video. Or main video
can be AB switch #1, switched to R & L eyes at same time & between
them & secondary video can be switched on AB switch #2 to alternatives
as well, but if this way, make sure main video is always showing

Misc Visual Notes:

-..images of floods of pills/medication going by, scattered over other
images, using chromakey, etc
-Get a big syringe from Active Surplus, and either put a blue insert in, or
fill it with a blue liquid, then chromakey in other imagery.
-Get a Big fish tank or other see through container, and stir in blue food
colouring, like the video from the old 3050 tapes, then chromakey stuff
into the swirling images. visual imagery, with slow audio, & slow visual, w/fast audio
-Text scrolls by, as just audio quotes are dull, add visual text in
scrollers, chalkboard, (use side of chalk, to write big, then luminance
key in other stuff), plain small type on computer keyboard, etc
-Use lots of liquid and smoke effects, (with latter, lum-key stuff to the
swirling smoke, perhaps try dry ice.)
- breathing & heartbeat, inter-spersed with rapid
-Chromakey two acidwarp fields together, and two whatever's together....
-after very intense visuals,...pause, blank screen, audio:"take a
breath!", (maybe breath sound, (intake))
-Get lots of blue, and stick it outside the house, so that from inside, when
you look out the window, you can't for all you see is blue. Then chromakey
other footage into that. eg: Go up the CN tower and film the elevator
ride, & other stuff.

Original Ideas on Audio Quotes to use

-Books aren't isn't fair.... You're just seeing what we behind
the camera want you to. Is this life? Is life fair?
-I just don't quit!
-Bodies melting together
-The video tightens at your throat, you go to loosen it, but find that it's
not all the problem.
-Of course we have our limitations in equipment, here in IDS, but as in life
there are, for most, always limitations. Perhaps given the finite limits,
we might find ourselves falling short of otherwise superior work, but here
with older technology, as relating to life giving us a limit on time, some
of us will push the limits within that time, and give the equipment its
fullest workout. I for one, will sure be doing a lot of pushing, & given
my ambition, don't be surprised if I break through.
-Who cares about the theory, just do it, and we'll figure it all out later!
-I wish I'd had a camera for mine eyes, for what I see is so...disturbing
-It's great that I can save all this, for once I say it, and for once you
hear it, then it goes on...
-Life....the ever swaying emotion
-Analog vs digital... its a shame
-I am.
-After orgasm is the only time in life I can think clearly for a minute or so.
-Whatever the rules are...Break them!
-You say you wanna toast your video...I wanna burn it!
-From Lustmord: "As the new inquisition heralds a new dark age, and
orthodoxy engulfs the ruins... In the heart of
darkness, behold the fervent depths, the realm of
turmoil. We carry our own sacred scars, evolve our own diseases. As
iconoclasts we have our own dark power. Even those with their eyes shut
cannot but feel the vibration.
-as the books burn and a particular kind of darkness falls
clutching men's hearts, consuming bones as a frozen star beckons
the crumbling of idols beyond a cold sanctuary
of fire and of ice deep in the bedrock already here i come"
-Take that channel, spread that bandwidth, and compress as much information
into it as possible. Then remember that nothing is impossible, and rip it
open and put even more in. Although sometimes simplicity is divine, but
hey, I'm not a simple person, so you can ditch that idea, but it may pop up
now an again, as balance and contrast are important.
-Every dream is but a frequency, each with a different channel.
-Get friends that know other languages to sing lullaby like stuff, recite
poetry, etc, then use that as sound texture backgrounds, etc. Georgie has
a beautiful voice, borrow her cd (49 acres) then sample her voice and use it.
-Get Georgie or other to sing acapalla, something soft and soothing, without
too many words, more of a na na na, ooooo, or similar. Do this a couple of
times, each different, then mix together on different tracks and play all
at once.
-From Dollie deLuxe: misc stuff: " L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
que nui ne peut apprivoiser, ( 1. ) et c'est bien en vain qu'on l'appelle
s'il lui convient de refuser Rein n'y fait, menace ou priere
l'un parle bien, l'autre se tait; et c'est l'autre que je prefere,
il n'a rien dit, mais il me plait
L'amour est enfant de boheme' il n'a jamais, jamais connu de loi,
si tu ne m'aimes pas, je t'aime; si je t'aime, prends garde a toi!
Mais si je t'aime prends garde a toi! L'oiseau que tu croyais surprendre
battit de l'aile et s'envola; l'amour est loin, tu peux l'attendre
tu ne l'attends plus, il est la! Tout autour de toi vite, vite,
il vient, s'en va, puis il revient; tu crois le tenir, il t'evite;
tu crois l'eviter, il te tient! ( 2. ) du Waldmagdelein fass mich und lass mich
dein Trautliebster sein "
-One reason I like to whistle, is because I can get to such a high
frequency. One thing I really liked about being young was my quartz-pure
soprano voice, singing was so joyous then, and now all I'm left with is is
crackling bass-like groan. Oh I still like to sing, but it's now often
more of an auditory visualization in my mind's ear. So it may be that
whistling somehow gives me some pleasure relating back to times past, in
the instrumental combination with the voice in my head.
-You say I'm tall? Well maybe you're just too short. I don't feel tall, my
outlook on the world is just a natural one. I suppose if I was "short"
then I'd be always looking up at people, and I'd be constantly reminded of
it, thus feel short. But being tall, well, I'm not.
-One problem with being original, an individual, and doing your "own" thing,
is you can't totally. What you are is the sum of your experiences among
other internalized thoughts, thus what you read, & people you meet can't
help but rub off on you, and influence you to some sort of degree, to
whatever extent, positive or negative.
From Temple Song Hearts: " Seeing Your Life in every heart
And loving You in every aspiring heart, I wish to become totally one,
Body, mind and vital, Singing the song of the transformation-light
I have established My oneness-life with hope, And thus I have awakened
My human heart. I shall become one with Infinity And sing with Infinity
Infinity's song. "
-Once you go so far, you can't stop, and nothing else matters.
-Taken from "This Mag": In space no one can hear you scream, in
cyberspace, everybody can. Get out there!
- Even if I don't use the space bit, use: Get out there!
-...we're rushing down a track...
-..we operate at the heart of modern-day technology..
-...out of control, [but in it (or something else)]
- [or (not our of control, but taking control) ] intuitive, irrational..., maybe the only way to
control technology is to give up control.
-...cutting edge, [live the edge, and cross it]... user interfaces for emerging technologies
-...[research & design]..

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