Inc Studio Pictures


  The entrance to our studio  


   When we first moved in, empty!   


Early on, I set up a mini video wall wrapped around the side of one of my videogames, put a synth, mixer, & decks on the top to create a little DJ/VJ alcove.  A friend is playing a classic video game of mine in this pix.


  This was a preliminary set-up for some of my gear.  It got changed around a bit later on.  


  I have 61 C64 monitors, so I decided to create shelves for some of my videos along the walls.  


  Main room left view, laser in lower left.  


  Our friend Fury, hard at work.  


  Electronics Workbench in slight disarray.  


  Our rear door leads down a staircase to the centre of the building, then leads out to...  


3 views of our backyard.

more pix coming soon....

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