Audio Gear

I don't have much audio related equipment, as I tend to focus on visuals and lasers.  But there are a couple of key components that I use.

I wanted a MIDI keyboard to control various VJ programs to trigger video clips.  I initially bought a very small crummy one, but didn't like the fact that it didn't have full size keys.  This is a Yamaha DJ-X keyboard, which aside from being a great controller KB, is fun to mess around with making cheesy techno riffs.

This is a Gemini Executioner 19 DJ mixer that I bought to hone my mixing skills as I mixed synchronized audio from dual video tapes or computers as I gradually ramp up my total A/V experiential performance.

Coming soon, pictures of my car audio system, which is a 300 watt RMS PA system that runs off a 1800 watt inverter in my car.  I use this system to provide the audio component to my show for occasional summer field parties, as well as having kick'in bass while I drive around town.

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