Misc Gear

It's always handy to have more than enough cables for everything you just might need! Good idea to keep them wrapped up right, lest you go crazy in a dark environment trying to unsnag them all. Also, go invest $50 or so in a wide assortment of adapters ( eg: BNC to RCA, etc ) ...you just never know...

  This is a weird video painting device, that can be bought for about $10 on ebay or at a garage sale. Not too useful for shows, but fun to hook up to a TV and let partiers play and make pictures with it.

I seldom use slides anymore, but they have many advantages: huge image, low cost! It's also pretty cool as they fade in and out of each other seemlessly. Sometimes even you will think they aren't still images.

This is one of the few lighting pieces I own, as I try and focus on visuals, and let the light & sound people monopolize that market. It cost like $139 USD or something, and makes really cool visuals: Sort of undulating, rotating kaleidoscopes! - Really cool!

Two quick pix of my former gig van...It has a hydraulic lift !

I originally bought my van, because it was big enough for all my gear, and able to tow a 50 KW generator to power the laser for outdoor gigs where power wasn't available.

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