Misc Video

This picture shows the video transmitter and twin receivers I use for sending video signals through the air at 900 MHZ. I put the transmitter by the DJ mixer, and feed the signal from my DJcam to the video input, and the main stereo mixer output into the audio input. I then hook up receiver #1 to feed my computer and to drive various FFT analysis-based VJ programs with the audio trigger, and feed the video into a input on my switcher which in turn feeds my video mixer. The 2nd receiver usually just feeds clean stereo audio into my SVHS deck that I use to record shows, with it's video input being split from the vidmixer before it hits the projector.

These are RadioShack A/V distribution amplifiers which sell for approx $30 USD each. They are wonderful, compact units that have 1 input, and 3 outputs, which I have found are strong enough that you can split them, allowing you to drive up to 6 TV'S or C-64 monitors from one unit. You may be aware that trying to split and feed multiple monitors without a distr/amp will cause your signal to become unstable and begin to roll and glitch. So I highly recommend you pick up at least one of these units!

This pix shows a small case with various misc video stuff in it. The only anomaly is the black box in the upper right hand corner which is a small equalizing mixer, that I use to attenuate the stereo audio feed before it hits my sound card, so I can control and thus faciliate more beautiful output from VJ programs like Aestesis. The beige box with the 32 sticker is my remote broadcast video camera receiver/sequencer. It receives signals from up to 4 micro-transmitters ( one of which is in the box in the lower right hand corner ( it is tiny ) ), then allows sample, hold, or sequenced output to my main video switcher, which feeds my videomixer, and thus allows me to send out a friend in the crowd of dancers, and use their moving live image to reverse key all sorts of kooky visuals. The retangular metal box in the bottom of the box is a 4 channel video sequencer removed from it's former days as a security camera switcher. I sometimes use it in combination with my videowall controller to sequence up to 4 inputs to it, or as a stand-alone device with a bank of monitors, switching from various pre-recorded vcr-tapes, if I need to stick some promo video for the event along the hall, at the entrance, etc.

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