Processing Gear
This is my main rackmount PC. It's a AMD-800, 384 Ram, Two 40 Gig EIDE's ( OS,Apps & DV storage), Two 18.2 Gig Ultra2 UW SCSI-3 HD's ( Digital Video Capture ), CDR, DVD, 3DFX2 & SB Pro ( Aestesis, Channel 3), TrueVision Bravado 2000 ( MJPEG Video Capture ), & a Pangolin Laser scanhead control board ( Laser Shows ).
I've never really used a Mac before, aside from playing around here and there.  But in late Oct/01, my good friend and former business partner was good enough to sell me his G4 for $1000 - what a steal!  It's a dual processor 800 MHZ, w/ 512 RAM, 160 GB  HD, and the feature I'm most excited about, a DVD-R !  Of course it has firewire, and with Premiere and Final Cut Pro, I am making this my new video editing platform.  I've just figured out how to make DVD's using Toast for raw data discs, and DVD Studio Pro for standard DVD's.  I'm also looking forward to being able to finally check out much of the Mac VJ software that I've been unable to try out in the past.
This is a wicked unit, as it allows me to convert standard video (composite/RCA or S-Video) and stereo audio to firewire, or vice-versa.  It's a standalone box, that operates without a computer.  With this, I can capture from my SVHS decks to the firewire input on my mac, or output my finished work to tape as well.  If you want to find out more about this product, or buy one direct from the manufacturer, click here
 This is my AverKey 3 external RGB to NTSC converter module. Although I have RCA and S-Video out on my ATI cards in all my PC's, this is a great unit because it will attach to a PC or a MAC, doesn't need any software, and has a remote control that lets me over/underscan, etc, change the resolution up to 1024 by 768, zoom in on any of the 9 screen segments, pan in the segments or the whole screen, freeze the picture in the rock-steady framestore, and a few other things I forget. Cost me almost $200 USD, but very much worth it. I originally bought it to use with Aestesis, connected directly to my 3DFX2 board, for the projector output, with the ATI board running a RGB feed to my monitor for the control panel.
I loved this laptop, but unfortunately it was recently stolen at a show I did in Oct/01 - In the future I'm going to put a Kensington security cord/lock on the laptop.  It was a Acer 342T sub-notebook, (P2-500/128/20), weighs just 4.5 pounds!  I used to bring all my rackmount gear out to shows, because I figured that I had a lot of other heavy gear to carry anyway, but I am leaning towards just bringing my notebook, a scan converter and my projector (sometimes adding my video mixer and a single vcr,) lately to smaller club nights.  On my notebook, I had registered versions of: Aestesis, Arkaos, Channel 3, Composite Station, Moonster, Motion Dive2/3, & VJamm, and it was loaded with fresh new loops.  One thing, the screen only went to 800x600, and I previously did all my site development on this machine too, so that's why the site it geared towards that resolution.  I think I'm going to bump the site up to 1024 x 768 native soon.
This is the machine I'm going to replace my laptop with in the near future.  It's a Dell Inspiron 8100.  It'll essentially be a desktop replacement for me at home, as well as a wicked machine to take to shows.  The config is: 1 GHZ/512/40/CDR/DVD/15" UXGA+, and most importantly, a 32 meg NDivia GeForce2go graphics accelerator, so I will be able to run wicked apps like Touch 101 and SVD1.  My friend recently gave me his old Toshiba 300 MHZ laptop to get me over the hump until I get the Dell, so maybe I'll keep that and use it to run some auto-FFT visualization soft as a optional key layer.

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