Raver Tech

This is a crummy pix of my David Jr. mindmachine brain entrainment unit. It can cause you to have hallucinations without drugs, and give you out of body experiences. I typically run this as a stand alone booth to my main operation, and charge $5 for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the line-ups. Quite an experience!

This is another pix with too much flash, showing my 3D decoder box and six pairs of LCD shutter-type 3D glasses, which are very similar to those used for IMAX 3D theatres. I have a growing selection of 3D videotapes, and rent time with the 3D glasses or head mount displays for approx the same $$ as the mind machine. Sometimes however, the promoter pays for me to offer my various raver tech free to the crowd, as an all inclusive adjunct to their admission price.

This is my EyeGlasses Head Mounted Display, another option for showing 3D videos.  It also has a tracking system, so when you hook it up to first person games, as you turn your head in 3D space, the action follows.

I also have a chimney-like unit lined on the insides with four mirrors, with a C-64 monitor sitting on top, pumping in beat-driven kaleidoscopic imagery that I sometimes bring to parties. No pictures at present, its in storage at the moment.

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