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-Sima video mixer: Early on in a friends studio, I got to use Panasonic's MX-50, which kinda spoiled me, & I got the SIMA SFX-M, was renting or borrowing various other units.  Why?: I was poor at the time I bought it, but more importantly, it had all the features I really needed at an economic $500 USD. (You can get a used one on ebay for $300 or less!)  I know other people might think it's unprofessional, but I'm actually quite pleased with it, and highly recommend it for the price. Composite & S-Video ins & outs, chroma and luma keying as well as all the other standard stuff. I decided to plaster my old briefcase with stickers and recycle it, to house my video mixer.                              


This is my briefcase, fully open: Three small color lcds let me view source #1 and 2, and the output to go to the projector.  I am actually in the very slow process of custom building a video mixer to suit my needs.  Details will be posted here and in the MadPsy Lab area when it's close to completion.

Videonics Video Equalizer: This is a wicked piece of hardware which is sadly no longer manufactured. I originally paid approx $150 USD for it in NYC. My original purpose for it was to augment my video feedback at home. I worked the camera with my hands, and adjusted its controls for individual R,G,B, Tint, Color, Bright, Contrast, Sharpness, Noise, B&W, Sepia, Negative, Painted, & Solarized with my feet. I had a lot of fun! It has comp/sv ins/outs, and a basic audio mixer. I fixed mini signal switchers to it and got quite a bit of use from it until I was able to acquire a video mixer. Now I usually use it to fine tune the image attributes before it hits the projector.
                                                                      These are two shots of my the insides of my SIMA video mixer.  I had to fix some minor stuff, and was also considering tinkering around a bit, but you can see, it is pretty complex, even for a simple mixer like this!

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