Video Projectors

     When I was starting out in my teens and didn't have the budget for anything fancy, I used the Fujix P-401 (on the left) which I paid $379 USD for while on a trip to New York City. It's a great unit for the price. Weighs just a pound, the size of two VHS tapes stacked, runs on a camcorder battery, has a built in  extra bulb, direct view screen, stereo sound, and although optimized for a 40 inch diagonal image, can go to 120" or more.   The unit on the right is a similarly priced unit from Phillips.

      The downsides: A fairly noticeable screeny image when you bump it up huge, and low brightness requiring an almost totally dark room. Luckily I usually got my own separate chill-out room, as to today's main party projections. I've recently seen the P-401 advertised as low as $211 USD, although street price in NYC will hover around $350 as most of the stores are kinda shifty. Both the Fujix and the Phillips aren't manufactured anymore, but you can often find them, and similar low end projectors in the many downtown electronic stores.  I still occasionally use these units for secondary projections in dark corners.

     At the beginning of 1998 I graduated to a Sharp XV-H35U projector, which even though is was only 500 ANSI lumens, I've had up to an astounding 500 inches while still providing a viewable image even with all the sweeping lights at a rave! It cost about $5000 CAN at the time, but I made my money back on it many times, as projector is a staple of this kooky profession!  It didn't have computer inputs, I used the s-video input, fed from my scan converter.  I recently sold this projector, but kept the great flight-case as I've tried to move to a bit more professionalism and safety for my expensive toys.

I just purchased (Sept/2001), this Sharp XG-NV6XU 2200 ANSI lumen projector!  It weighs 16 pounds, but has stunning image quality and super brightness.     

Also: multiple computer inputs, component video, NTSC / PAL / SECAM compatibility, 1600 by 1200 resolution, high contrast ratio, power zoom & focus, and all the usual stuff too.  I am really happy about this unit, and look forward to many years of entrepreneurial enjoyment from it.
This is a Da-Lite fastfold screen, expands from a relatively small package to a good size translucent screen, good for front or rear projection.  I usually put this screen behind the DJ, rear projected, and use huge parachute and nylon screens that hang from the ceiling for the other projectors.


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