DJ Software Section

Since my site is essentially geared towards VJ's, and there's many DJ related sites out there, this section won't ever likely grow too large.  I've just decided to add it on a whim, as there are many VJ's who are getting into DJ'ing, and vice-versa, and it's my hope that eventually there will be more A/V acts where the performer is both the DJ and the VJ at once.  

I don't have time to expand  this section into much, as it is I have trouble keeping up with the rest of the site, as I'm the only one who works on it.   If you click on the pictures below, it will just open a new window to the specific site of the software.  

What I'm hoping is that maybe YOU who are visiting this page now are willing to expand this section, and make it into what it really should be.  You would likely have the following qualities:
-know html, frontpage or flash
-be a DJ, or getting into it, and have knowledge of some of the new software and technologies out there in the field.
-be willing to dedicate at least an hour or two a week to keeping this section current.
If you are interested in taking up this challenge, please write me at:   Thanks! -dave

BPM Studio
MJ Studio
Virtual Turn

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