Innovative Lasershow Effects

this page is under construction...

1.  Straight Beams
       - Typically you will set up a dozen or so actuators to selectively allow or block beam arrays from your beam table, which then either shoot out to wherever, or shoot to strategically places bounce mirrors, which bounce the beam to another location.

2.  Fanned Beams & Waves
        - This effect is accomplished by sending different waveforms from your dedicated box, or lasershow software to a set of scanners.  Many exciting fluid effects can be produced and sync to the music.

3.  Graphics - Animations
        - Your lasershow software sends streams of frames to your scanners to produce animations that will drive the message across for your show.

4.  Abstracts
        - Different mathematical equations crisscross via sliders in your lasershow software to produce beautiful spirographic imagery. 

5.  Lumina
         - Pieces of glass with smeared glue, or specially designed wheels produce undulating organic effects.

6.  Diffraction Effects
         - Diffraction gratings produce arrays of beams when a single one shines through them.

photos and more to come soon.

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